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The Lust List: Lady-like Bags

Note from Becca: Cori Sue is out of the country on vacay (cue jealous groans), but never fear, she left a stockpile of fabulous fashion updates and brunch reviews for our enjoyment. Here’s the first.

Although I’m still roasting in this weather, my monthly stack of fashion magazines filled with fall fashion remind me that, soon enough, it will cool off and fall will arrive.

The thought excites me to no end, because fall is my favorite season to dress for. Just think: the blazers, the layers, the scarves, the boots, oh my! Luckily for my wallet, fall trends this year are focusing on a resurgence of all things classic, but with a few playful things thrown in (we’ll save these for another day).

This fall, think tailored slacks (both skinny and wide-leg will do—nothing in between), clean-cut pencil skirts, crisp button-downs, form-fitting red dresses, camel coats, leather bomber jackets, and lady-like chain-link handbags.

On to the handbags, you say?

Every woman should have a black, chain-strap purse in her closet, preferably with a small or non-existent logo, to go with everything all year long. First, I give you the holy grail of classic handbags, brought to you by Miss Chanel herself. Then, on to more realistic lustables.

Chanel 2.55. (Retail for $2,600; this vintage one at Shop Bop is $5,295, sigh).

Photo credit: Shop Bop

Marc Jacobs Single Leather Quilted Bag, $625, Neiman Marcus, Cusp, and other retailers.

Photo credit: Cusp

Kate Spade Gold Coast Elizabeth, $365.

Photo credit: Kate Spade

Rebecca Minkoff Alligator Belle, $350.

Photo credit: Rebecca Minkoff

The Chelsea Bag, Top Shop, $38

Photo credit: Top Shop

Cori Sue

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The co-founder of Bitches Who Brunch, Cori Sue loves brand strategy, social media, red wine, and pink lipstick.

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  1. You can take a large square of fabric (like a bandanna or larger) and tie up the ends, two ends tied together, then the other two. You can devise your own style of how you want to carry it. If you run a stick through it and carry it on your shoulder, you’ll look like a hobo in the cartoons of the 50’s and 60’s. Lol…A really large square of fabric can be used as a skirt, dress, scarf, stole, shoulder wrap, head wrap, and a bag. All depends on the fabric. You can decorate the fabric as well. Good luck! Have fun with it.

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