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The Lust List: Golden Time

The Lust List
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I don’t wear a watch. Who does, these days? Over the past few years, I’ve gathered that men’s leather watches are all the rage for chic European women. Although my search for the perfect oversized leather watch continues, I’ve come across a new trend: gold-toned oversized watches. And, after deep consideration, I’ve decided they’re a great investment. They go with everything, you will look in-style yet professional, and some attractive stranger may just ask you for the time!

I digress. Below, our selections.

For starters, Michael Kors has about a dozen different styles of gold-toned watches available right now, and they are all super cute. Men’s Oversized Watch, Michael Kors, $250, Shop Bop.

Photo credit: Shop Bop

Blade Watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs, $225, Shop Bop

Photo credit: Shop Bop

Oversized Watch, Freelook, $250, Shop Bop

Photo credit: Shop Bop

HRH Goldplated Bracelet Watch, Juicy Couture, $250, Saks Fifth Avenue

Photo credit: Saks Fifth Avenue

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