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The Lust List: Flower Power

Note from Becca: Cori Sue is on vacay. But, in honor of this gorgeous 74 degree weather in D.C. today, I thought you’d appreciate a little floral in your Lust List.

You have to be careful with florals. Flowers are, well, pretty. Flowers don’t exclude on the basis of demographic or sense of style—nearly every woman has something with a floral print in her closet. So they sound pretty nice, right? (I mean, I sure love getting a bouquet from the beau).

Spring flowers

Wrong. Sartorially, flowers are overdone. Florals are everywhere—from every “designer” from Kohls to Michael Kors. And, in my opinion, the vast majority of floral prints are pretty fug.

The wrong floral print can come across in various manners of offense—too cheap, too granny-ish, too childish, too bright, too dull and so forth—I’m sure I’ll see someone bastardizing the print in non-aforementioned manner on the streets of D.C. in the near future. Or, I could just borrow one of my Mom’s Chico’s catalogs and take a looksy if I want my eyes to burn with horror.

Watercolor florals graced the runways last year and they’ve been popping up again, just like the tulips in Washington this spring. As I’m currently on a print-mixing binge (stripes+polka dots=perfection), I love the idea of a nautical striped tee with a floral full skirt. However, in my shopping pursuits, it’s been damn near impossible to find more than a few I like enough to recommend to my gorgeous, well-dressed readers.

Photo credit: Chloé, pre-fall
Photo credit: Chloé, pre-fall

And furthermore, I haven’t established a rubric for what makes me adore one print while I loathe another. Big flowers vs. small flowers? (No.) Pastels vs. brights? (Nope.) Watercolor vs. stark contrast print (Nope, not that either).

So, there you have it. I’ve picked out some skirts, they have nothing in common other than the fact that they share a slight connection to something grown in nature.

But, maybe you’ll like one too. Or, it’ll inspire you to ditch the boring old black pencil skirt, embrace spring, and do some shopping of your own.

Pleated Party Skirt, $290, Milly.

Photo credit: Milly

Garden of the Spectrum mini by Lauren Moffatt, $198, Anthropologie.

Photo credit: Anthropologie

Flea Market Floral Skirt, $98, Madewell.

Photo credit: Madewell

Tabitha Skirt, $39, Fossil. (Editor’s note: We do not approve of that purse or beanie).

Photo credit: Fossil

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