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The Lust List: Emerson Made

J.Crew was always my go-to preppy fashion stalwart—for everything from feminine statement pieces to staples like silk camis, khaki shorts, winter coats, and more. Recently, however, they have really let me down in many ways: the quality, the sizing, the overly crowded Georgetown store, and then, finally, the sin against denim.

Beau, who relies on classic staples like checkered button downs, khaki pants, navy chinos,  wool and cotton sweaters and all that is J.Crew men, refuses to buy their clothes because of the poor quality and opts to seek out other alternatives instead.

While I used to order J.Crew online with success nearly every time, now my size there is too big, despite the fact I’ve remained the same. Turns out, I’m not alone in my complaints, as evidenced by a recent discussion on “vanity sizing” over at Capitol Hill Style.

So, I began searching for an alternative to J.Crew for my wardrobe essentials. Cue Emerson Made, an adorable little company designed by the namesake and supported by her husband. In fact, Emerson does everything for the company—designing, styling, creating, blogging—even starring in the photos (she’s adorable).

The company began solely with handmade flower pins to put on your blazer, belt, shirt, or in your hair.

Meet Emerson. Photo credit: Emerson Made

Then, they added more flowers—flower clutches, flower necklaces, and, best of all, flower shoe clips—an idea I’ve admired for awhile now. (So, you get it, the girl likes flowers).

Photo credit: Emerson Made
Photo credit: Emerson Made

But, things get better—Emerson recently began designing clothing—creating a line filled with classic pieces like blazers, silk blouses, trenches, trousers, and skirts in pencil, mini and full styles. In contract to the whimsical flowers, the clothes are practical, no-fuss pieces suitable for almost any situation in solid colors that go with most everything.

Photo credit: Emerson Made

But of course, there are a few select pieces that feature my favorite patterns … that’s right, you guessed it, stripes and polka dots.

Photo credit: Emerson Made

P.S. As if she could get any cuter (girl crush), Emerson and her super-handsome hubbie live on a farm … complete with baby ducks. Here’s her man candy:

Meet Mr. Emerson and his duck.

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Co-Founder, Pro Bruncher

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