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The Lust List: Embellished Jeans

After a chock full day of sightseeing in Italy, my brother, sister, and I delved into a bottle of wine at a trattoria and marveled at all of the amazing contributions Romans gave to the modern world—from aqueducts to apertivo. As Portugal. The Man’s “Feel it Still” played in the background, we couldn’t help but deliberate on America’s cultural contributions to the world. We decided that pop culture, music, and movies (Europeans love American entertainment in general), BBQ, and jeans were at the top of a not-so-comprehensive list of great American inventions (fear not, the airplane and Facebook, were definitely discussed).

Sadie & Sage Pearl-Embellished Jeans | Bucketfeet slip-on sneakers

Thanks to Levi’s, America put jeans on the map as perhaps the most ubiquitous closet staple in the world. They’re the one article of clothing that everyone can relate to, young or old, male or female. They’re comfortable, versatile, and timeless. So, the best part about embellished jeans is that they take an outfit up a notch, without compromising on comfort or utility. Plus, since they kind of steal the show, you can keep the rest of your outfit simple by pairing them with a classic cotton t-shirt or novelty long sleeved shirt like the one photographed here.

J Crew Taurus Shirt (on sale!)

Over the years my style has evolved to become a hybrid of rugged Americana and European chic, which is probably why I’m so drawn to the embellished jeans craze. Depending on your style, you can find them to be a glamorous, edgy, and flirty. It’s no wonder the trend is a street style staple this fall. Because the only thing better than a classic, well made pair of denim is a pair with bows, pearls, gems, and stripes.

These Sadie & Sage jeans embody a casual weekend vibe: acid washed and distressed with an embellished pearl party in the front and a clean all business look from the back. It’s safe to say these and my racing stripe jeans (technical name), featured below, are in heavy rotation on the weekends. They are a little more exciting than just throwing on a pair of jeans, but afford the same reliable comfort that denim provides.

Shop our favorite embellished jeans, below—it’s never to early to start your holiday wish list!


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