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The Lust List: Be My Valentine

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I kid you not, it tops Christmas and my birthday. Why? Valentine’s Day epitomizes all of my favorite things—femininity, pink, red, flowers (pink peonies, please), champagne, presents with big bows, teddy bears, chocolates, jewelry, lingerie, sex, and, if you’re really lucky, love.

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But, let’s avoid all that serious love business, which comes with commitment and ’til death do us part (really? death? What about wrinkles and poverty?), and skip to the important stuff: the underwear.

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Now, I am a frivolous person (didn’t catch that? You must not be a regular reader). I spend exorbitant amounts of money on silly things like brunch, uncomfortable-yet-oh-so-beautiful shoes, and whatever I decide I-cannot-live-without when I’m feeling whimsical and my AmEx is handy. Lingerie is no exception—my lingerie drawer is filled with slips, chemises, bra-and-panty sets and a whole matter of confections with bows, ruffles, garters, animal prints, and things that tie that I’ve gotten stuck in at rather inconvenient moments.

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As a combined result of these inconvenient situations, my newfound maturity (yeah, right), and the fact that I am just ridiculously busy and therefore tired all the time, I’ve been turning toward lingerie that is both sexy and comfortable. Because, frankly, it’s miserable when your thong is cutting into your hips or the underwire of your bra is digging into your ribcage as you’re trying to sleep. Even if lingerie isn’t uncomfortable when you sleep, you probably can’t wear most it out of the house because those bows and ruffles look like lumps and tumors when tucked under clothing.

So, in the name of comfort and sex appeal, here are some seamless, soft and sexy lingerie sets for you to pick-up this Valentine’s Day. And, of course, you’ve gotta match—I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Classic Black is always a safe bet. Winthrop Lace set, $84, Anthropologie.

Photo credit: Anthropologie

Navy is my new go-to for lingerie, it’s a classic color, yet a rarity for lingerie making this set unique. Hanky Panky stretch lace and briefs set, $75, Net a Porter.

Photo credit: Net-a-Porter

Soft, pale pinks epitomize femininity and all that is Valentine’s Day. Sugared Grapefruit set, $84, Anthropologie.

Photo credit: Anthropologie

A leopard option, because you can always be wilder in the bedroom. Stella McCartney Marguerite riding bralette and brief, $135, Faire Frou Frou.

Photo credit: Stella M.
Photo credit: Stella M.

Cashmere underwear? That’s a real option? Glamour, comfort and serene softness between the sheets, I die. (Ignore the price tag, make your boyfriend, or your AmEx, buy it for you). Ruffled Cashmere set, $245, Anthropologie.

Photo credit: Anthropologie

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