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The Heights Pig Roast Brunch

This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went to The Heights.

Summer in Washington means patios and pools and the best of all those Ps, pig roasts. So when The Heights announced it was hauling the cooker out onto its Columbia Heights patio and roasting an entire pig out there, I had to go check it out.

I was joined by Sabrina, the newest of the Bitch team, who will be representing us out and about as our D.C. Business Bitch. We had lots to discuss, and our high-top table in the spacious restaurant was littered with devices: laptops, phones, and cameras.

The Heights Pig Roast Brunch

Our server gave all the electronic contraptions a funny look that said, ‘Work? On a Saturday?’ but then went on to explain the weekend’s special menu. Everything was adorably pig themed, which just delighted me.

The drinks, especially, were piggy, from the “Wilbur” bloody mary to the Butternut Porkslap Ale. And while The Height’s “Ultimate Bloody Mary” menu was calling my name, I couldn’t resist a bacon-fueled Mary. The wilbur was made with bacon-infused vodka and had a candied bacon rim.

The Heights Pig Roast Brunch

Sabrina went for a mimosa from the main menu. There were plenty of options to choose from and she decided on a blood orange, which was amazingly fresh. The Heights gives you options of boozy sizes, from a glass, to a glass and a half to a bottle with juice.

I also liked how the main brunch menu offers a selection of smoothies. From the Copa-Banana to the “Life’s a Peach,” they are a refreshing and healthy alternative to your typical mimosa or Mary. Or, you can add rum or tequila, and nix that thought and make it a boozy smoothie brunch.

Once drinks were on the table, we ordered appetizers and then got to work on Bitch business. There is a starter that is actually quite hidden on the menu (it’s all the way at the top; easy to miss) but is actually one of the best at this brunch, the French toast sticks.

The Heights Pig Roast Brunch

Those sticks are served thick and piping hot. You want to grab them with your hands like a kid with fish sticks, but let me advise against that. They are heavy and rich and nearly fall apart in your hands. They’re also served with a delicious caramel pecan sauce on the side, so you’ll want to use your fork for dipping, anyway.

We also ordered the fried deviled eggs. I can’t ever pass up deviled eggs—but fried? Heavens, no. They are actually too good to be true: breaded and fried with a crust that’s tasty and not too heavy. They’re served with a crispy chicken skin remoulade.

The Heights Pig Roast Brunch

After much discussion, we decided we needed to order our main dishes. The pig roast menu was difficult to choose from, because everything looked delightfully porky. There were creative selections like the Pig Head BLT and the crispy pork trotter salad.

The main brunch menu has everything from share plates to flatbreads to soups and salads and burgers. But the eggs menu is the largest, thank goodness, and it offers something for everyone, from a selection of hash or omelet flavors.

The Heights Pig Roast Brunch

The best thing about the menu at The Heights is that it’s totally organic and natural. The meat and dairy is from local farms where they’ve made sure the animals are grass-fed. And the produce mostly comes from their own private farm in Maryland. There was even a small garden of produce in the patio with tiny plants for sale.

Sabrina ordered the eggs benedict. It was made with pancetta and served with home fries on the side. She said the hollandaise was really flavorful. She substituted sausage for the asparagus. The dish was very substantial.

The Heights Pig Roast Brunch

I ordered the best of the Pig Roast menu and our server’s recommendation, the chupacabra. It was an amazing dish, with the spit-roasted pork served with black beans, chorizo, and stewed chiles. Soft scrambled eggs and an avocado-tomatillo salsa were on top, and there were tortillas on the side. It was almost too much to finish.

The Heights Pig Roast Brunch

I appreciated the recommendation, as it was a good one. In fact, our server was beyond hospitable and kind throughout the entire brunch, even escorting me out to the back patio so that I could see that little piggy on the cooker in the flesh. That little piggy did not cry all the way home.

The Heights Pig Roast Brunch

The Bitches say: A. Even beyond the special menu that weekend, The Heights brunch has something fresh and natural for everyone in a great, friendly environment.

The Heights
3115 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 797-7227

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  1. Omg….Thanks to your review, my hubby and I had one of the best brunches ver today!!! Everything was perfect, super fresh and scrumptious. Service was good and the food arrived pretty quickly.

  2. Hi K!
    Glad you enjoyed it, too! Keep up the brunching. Thank you for reading Bitches Who Brunch!
    Cori Sue

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