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The Grille at Morrison House Brunch

A note from the Bitches: this restaurant is now closed. 

How do you throw a classy bachelorette party? You hire a driver, rent a pimp van (complete with cup holders), invite 10 of the bride-to-be’s closest lady and gay male friends, and get totally tipsy touring around Virginia Wine Country.

How do you throw a classy bridal shower? You rent out a ballroom in Old Town’s Morrison House and have three very lovely butlers serve the ladies their mimosas and benedicts, followed by presents and pictures.


Yes, my loves, it is wedding season in D.C. And the No. 1 wedding I am focused on this summer is that of my best friend Joanna and her very lucky man, Frenchy (real name Eric).

I was lucky enough to host the bachelorette party, and my other bestie Brooke planned the Bridal Shower. Now, our jobs here are done, and the only thing left to do is travel to Peaks Island, Maine, and get drunk (I mean, toast the couple!) at the wedding on July 6.

But, back to brunch.


The Grille at Morrison House is, I’m sure, very lovely for a regular brunch with the grandparents. The Kimpton Hotel has shiny pink walls clad with oil paintings, and antique crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. In the main dining room, a pianist was tinkling away, setting the mood.


Any place that has a butler bell at the front door and serves afternoon tea is alright by me. It looks like it should be super stuffy, but the staff is really friendly. And though it was built to look like ancient Alexandria, the place is actually my age.

The chef was kind enough to put together a special menu for our brunch, which was beautifully set on the gold place settings at each table.


For this bridal shower, we started with the banana nut bread, which was moist and fell apart in your hands. It was baked with big chunks of nuts, giving it a great texture, and was so tasty it didn’t need the butter.

Maybe that banana nut bread was so fab because I was five mimosas in. Whatevs.


The salad was actually an onion tart pastry set on a bed of greens. It was delicious and had just enough sauce to make the pastry not so dry—but still coat the salad. The dough was delicate and flaky.


The benedicts had thick slices of ham on English muffins. The egg was a little over-cooked and the sauce not super freshly poured, but that might have been because they were serving them en masse to our shower party.


The other entrée option was the grilled salmon, a nice sized filet perfectly cooked, and set on a bed of greens with three fried green tomatoes on the side. I didn’t try that dish, but ladies were raving about those fried green tomatoes.


The crème brulee, always a fav. But this was a maple creme brulee, in honor of the groom’s Canadianism. Faboosh.


The Bitches say: I can’t GRADE my best friend’s bridal shower. What the eff, people? But check out their regular brunch menu here.


The Grille at Morrison House
116 South Alfred St.
Alexandria, VA
(703) 838-8000

The Grille at Morrison House serves brunch on Sundays. 

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  1. We got married at the Morrison House the day after Christmas. It was a beautiful and intimate evening for only 10 people and all of the staff were so lovely and helpful. Our party has several food issues so they were kind enough to let us order off of the menu (5 courses) and we had nothing but rave revues from all our guests. Beautiful venue, eager to please staff, wonderful food.

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