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The Grill Room at Capella Brunch II

I am blessed to be surrounded by some brilliant, strong, and unique women in my life. My Laurens, Schram and Wygo, are an amazing, hilarious duo. Wyo recently returned to us from Pakistan, only to leave us in a few months to head to South Africa and get hitched. Her mother was in town to shop for wedding dresses, so we decided to convene afterward for brunch.

Unsurprisingly, Wygo’s mother, who is New England born-and-bred, is just as savvy, sassy, and smart as her daughter. The apple does not fall far from the tree, and the bevy of outspoken opinions between the four of us made for lively brunch conversation.

We settled into the beautiful, modern and chic space of the Grill Room, the restaurant inside the high-end hotel, Capella, in Georgetown. I’ve visited Capella on multiple occasions—for a staycation and brunch over the holidays, for rooftop cocktails, and for media events. The experience is always exemplary, with great food, a serene space, and impeccable service.

We began with waters, coffees, and mimosas for two of us. The mimosas were light and lovely—heavy on the champagne, light on the orange juice. That said, if you mention the Bitches Who Brunch, you’ll receive a complimentary glass of champagne or a mimosa.

Capella Brunch 2 2

Capella also serves fresh juices—not just orange and grapefruit but also vegetable juices. I appreciate that—but opted for black coffee. 

Capella Brunch 2 4

Our waiter was a quiet and polite young man who was clearly a professional—he catered to our every need without being invasive. We began with the Maine lobster salad, an entrée salad, to share at the table. The large, light, and lovely salad was comprised of mixed greens, shaved radishes, chunks of roasted beets, and large chunks of lobster. The dressing was a mix of Horseradish, lime, and cumin—it was a flavorful, delicious, and unique dressing that wasn’t overpowering. I always appreciate when a salad is done well.

Capella Brunch 2 19

The ladies lamented that there weren’t enough breakfast options on the brunch menu—meanwhile, I lamented that my entrée was far too small. The Laurens each ordered a burger: the brunch burger for Schrammie and the traditional burger for Wygo.

Capella Brunch 2 14

Schrammie’s breakfast burger was an Angus beef burger, topped with a duck egg, sunnyside up, loaded with delicious, melted truffled cheese, and a sesame seed bun slathered with mayonnaise. Both burgers were served shoe string French fries, which aren’t our favorite but were devoured promptly. The presentation was charming—the fries were served in a newspaper cone, with a carafe of ketchup.

Capella Brunch 2 23

The traditional burger is also served with truffled cheese, and Mayonnaise on a sesame seed bun. Both burgers were pretty satisfying—but unfortunately not the best we’ve ever had. The truffled cheese was delicious, that’s for sure. Capella’s Grill Room does a great burger.

Capella Brunch 2 6

Mama Wygo opted for the Shakshouka, the Eastern egg dish served in a skillet. At Capella, the eggs are cooked in a Basil tomato sauce, and served with avocado and crème fraiche. At Capella, the dish isn’t served in a skillet. Meanwhile, I ordered the poached eggs with chorizo and hash browns. The chunks of chorizo were spicy and flavorful, and the eggs perfectly poached. Both dishes were delicious—but slightly too small for my liking—as both of us petite ladies polished off our plates in a matter of minutes.

Capella Brunch 2 8

Schrammie has taken her role as brunching Bitch seriously—critiquing the menu items earnestly. “I really wish these were chocolate chips in the French toast, not raisins,” she said as our dessert dish was set before us. It’s true, none of us had been particularly enthused about the French toast, which we ordered as a sweet conclusion to our meal. It ended up being a spectacular dish. Spectacular, even without the chocolate. We devoured the dish—each slathering each bite with the house-made whipped cream.

Capella Brunch 2 26

We also ordered the Georgetowner, a traditional, layered chocolate dessert available at lunch and dinner.

Capella Brunch 2 29

The Bitches say: A-. A stunning and serene top-notch hotel that serves a great brunch with great service. We’d love a few more menu items and a bottomless option, if possible. It’s worth the visit.

The Grill Room at Capella
1050 31st St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.

The Grill Room serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays and breakfast on weekdays.

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