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Despite the fact we have launched in New York with Ally and Emily taking the brunching, shopping, and party-hopping reigns, there’s no doubt I’ll be up in the city regularly. While I will need to check in on my Bitches in the City, I’m also driven to the big city as three of my dearest friends reside on the island of Manhattan, and there’s nothing better than enjoying New York’s phenomenal dining scene with the amazing women I’m honored to call my friends and proud of every day.

In December, when I was up for a whirlwind weekend of Bitch meetings, I fit in dinner with Dani Friday at Murray’s Cheese Bar; dinner with Dani, Ally, and Lindsey Saturday at Osteria Morini; and brunch Sunday with Dani and Lacy at Greenwich Project.



Miss Lacy, who is relatively new to the city and quite fond of Greenwich Village, selected the locale. And, as always, Lacy has great taste.


When I breezed in, tardy as usual, I was taken by the spectacular ambiance: bright white, clean, and fresh, my favorite style of decor. Everything was clean and well-appointed, yet without seeming sterile it was a warm, lovely place to eat brunch.

The ladies were perched at the long, marble and white wood bar enjoying classic cocktails that were presented beautifully.

Danielle had the BKLYN ’76, a take on the French 75, a classic and her favorite cocktail). Greenwich Project makes theirs with rosemary-infused honey syrup and lavender bitters for a lovely twist. “I really liked it, but may be a bit sweet for some. Their glassware was very cool – champagne flutes with a contemporary edge. We were commenting on them the whole meal,” she said.

Once we’d completed our hugs and hellos, we were ushered to a charming table near the front of the bright restaurant. I was feeling under the weather so I opted not to imbibe on this particular Sunday brunch (sacrilege!), though I was rather envious of Lacy and Dani’s creative yet classic cocktails. I did, however, mandate we order beignets in accordance with Bitch Rule No. 1- “If available, doughnuts (and their New Orleans relations) must be ordered.”

It is also worth mentioning that the coffee was fresh, hot, and delicious, and our coffee cups remained full.

However, when our entrees arrived the beignets were still nowhere to be found.


For my entree, I went with the mushroom, spinach, and goat cheese omelet served with a side salad and a jalapeño cheddar biscuit. The omelet was enormous, fluffy, and filled to the brim with the veggies and melted goat cheese. Omelets don’t normally do it for me but I was quite satisfied with this dish. The side salad of mixed greens and vinaigrette was a bit heavy on the dressing leaving it slightly too soggy for maximum freshness. The biscuit, warm, buttery, and flavorful was a real treat and paired very well with the omelet.



Dani selected the pork belly hash, which was served with a scone. “The scone was unmemorable, so neither great, nor terrible. It wasn’t dry but was not particularly flavorful,” she said.  Describing her entree, she added: “I chose the pork belly hash because it’s something you don’t see on many menus. The dish was very tasty (just the right amount of salt) and rich, if not a bit heavy. I love rich foods (pate, foie gras), but this could be overwhelming for some. It was definitely a treat.


The beignets eventually did arrive, and they were definitely worth the wait. The fried balls of dough were light, moist, and fluffy inside, perfectly crisped and coated thickly in cinnamon-sugar on the outside. They provided house-made jam and butter alongside, which was unnecessary as they do fine without accompaniment.

With regard to the service, they totally forgot the beignet order, so that is a mark against them, except that they then took those off the bill without our asking, which we think made up for their mistake. They were also quite apologetic. Earlier in the meal, they transferred our bar drinks to the bill without complaint and were fine with multiple credit cards, which both typically headaches in NYC, so we say, great service.

The Bitches say: B+. Spectacular ambiance, good food, and personal, kind service. A very chic spot in Greenwich for both brunch and cocktails, we have no doubt.

The Greenwich Project
47 W 8th Street
New York, NY
(212) 253-9333

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