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The Getaway Brunch

Update from the Bitches: The Getaway is closed.

Our friends Katie and Matt used to keep us coming to Columbia Heights, but when they moved away to Tampa, we sort of lost touch with what had been one of our favorite up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Last weekend they came back to visit and so we wandered back to their old stomping grounds. We were thankful we did, because we discovered brunch at The Getaway, even though I barely remember brunch at The Getaway.


The restaurant is in the old space that used to house Social, a restaurant and bar just a few blocks north of the Columbia Heights Metro. When our party of seven arrived, there were just a few other brunchers who dared to venture out on that drizzly, decidedly gross February morning. We don’t think this place will be so quiet for long.

How do I even describe the madness of this brunch?

I, personally, was immediately enamored, because the place was playing alternative music reminiscent of my college years. There was some bizarro racing theme in the décor – and an out-of-place old upright piano in the corner. It wasn’t fancy. It wasn’t dive-y. It was casual and relaxed, and provided the perfect setting for a table to catch up and celebrate anything and everything that needed celebrating.


But, having brunched with the Bitches quite a bit, I know they are more serious about brunch drinks rather than brunch-time music and wall murals. Well, The Getaway scored big here. For $15, brunchers can imbibe in bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys. And get this: You can switch back and forth.

The mimosas were really just champagne slightly colored with the juice of your choice – orange, passion fruit or mango. And the Bloody Marys came with the choice of mild, spicy, and super hot. I started with the spicy and they aren’t lying – it’s HOT. It comes with fresh jalapenos, horseradish, sricacha. It was absolutely delicious.


Which brings us to the food. While waiting for the perpetually late Bitches, our mouths were burning from the chilies in the Bloodys. So, we ordered bowls of the home-made tater-tots (you can get regular or sweet potato varieties). While we ordered them for the kitsch-factor, they were perfect and delicious. I wasn’t hungover, but members of our crew were – and this was the perfect accompaniment to Saturday morning headaches and spicy drinks. One recommendation from our group – please have honey mustard on hand for dipping. Just a thought.

As for the rest of the food?  I believe we were all members of the clean-plate club.

Matt, who declared himself to be starving, ordered the Getaway Burger. He was pleasantly surprised when it came topped with a fried egg – that wasn’t in the description, but added the perfect brunch twist. We didn’t time it, but I’m pretty sure he devoured the entire thing within three minutes. We saw the burger, and then we didn’t

For $11 dollars, you can get the Getaway Breakfast. What a deal. It comes with two eggs any style, choice of bacon, chicken sausage, or ham, more of those amazing potato tots, white or wheat toast and jelly. Both Saro and I couldn’t resist this breakfast smorgasbord.


I got mine with the chicken maple sausage, which I donated to the general cause of the table. No problem there – the plate had a ton of food regardless. The sausage was quickly gobbled up by the other Bitches. Overall, a simple, well executed brunch dish.

Both Becca and Katie ordered the Chorizo Grinder Burrito. It was chorizo sausage, scrambled eggs, pepper jack cheese, onions and peppers in a burrito. But, flour tortilla itself was grilled to a perfect crisp, holding the burrito together perfectly.


The entire hefty thing was placed in a spicy tomatillo sauce, which was so delicious Becca couldn’t get enough of it. Topped with pico de gallo, this might be the best breakfast burrito we’ve ever had in the D.C. area.

Joanna got dibs on the Chesapeake Benedict – usually Becca’s brunch-time domain.  Joanna liked it, but said it was slightly on the bland side. On the plus-side, it came with a side of asparagus instead of the usually breakfast potatoes. Nice touch.


Eric got the Nutella and Banana French Toast. It was small, but so rich and decadent it was almost like a dessert—so you don’t need much on your plate with this one. The Brioche toast is stuffed with bananas and Nutella, and then crusted with cornflakes and served with a spiced rum maple syrup.

The table also split the fruit and prosciutto salad.  I didn’t partake, but Becca said the fruit was super fresh, and the prosciutto tasty, albeit a bit fatty. It came with melon and pineapple, and was drizzled with raspberry balsamic reduction. A pretty dish to share.


The menu is far more expansive than our table of repeats indicates. There are three different benedicts to choose from, more substantial dishes (steak and eggs, grilled salmon), salad after salad, and a variety of other brunch-time staples. I think almost everyone would find a meal to satisfy their palette.

Oh, and we also tried all three of the dessert options they had, of which I will leave you with simply this food porn …



And I can’t forget the service. Our waitress, Alison, is my new personal hero. Regular readers know that I will judge a brunch based on the coffee service – and Alison filled coffee mugs before asked. She was patient with what became an increasingly rowdy crowd. She quickly saw that we were serious about taking advantage of the bottomless deal, so she started bringing carafes after carafes.

Alison also cleared glass after glass after glass of mimosas and Bloody Marys. She didn’t flinch when our entire table just up and left the table to relocate to the couches in the lounge area – even though it was clear we wouldn’t be ordering any more. And then she split the checks without us requesting that additional luxury.  Oh – and she appeared to be the only server in the joint! Bravo, Alison. Bravo.

Four hours after arriving, we all happily stumbled back into the street, heading in different directions for afternoon naps. It was the perfect scene for catching up with old friends, relaxing, and escaping a dreary D.C. winter day.

The Bitches say A+.  When you don’t want something chi-chi, but you’re hungry and thirsty, this is the place.

The Getaway
1400 Meridian Place N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 299- 1162

The Getaway serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays. 

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  1. Hey guys,

    The Getaway is no longer open (unfortunately). Just thought you might want to update the site!

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