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The Breslin Brunch

It’s been truly a whirlwind the past two months. Between holiday parties, squeezing in last minute gift shopping, end of year work deadlines and travel, November and December was a blur of alcohol, chocolate and over scheduling. Some days, the only way I identified the day of the week was through my Cadbury advent was that crazed.

We also had my fiances grandmother visiting from England and we were committed to spoiling her rotten for her Christmas gift. We decided to bring her to her first Broadway show, but knowing no weekend day is complete without brunch, I was responsible for finding the perfect place to complement the day’s festivities.


The Breslin immediately came to mind for its quirky atmosphere, April Bloomfield’s cooking, and lovely British fare. We were able to secure a reservation easily despite being last minute and it’s convenient location closed the deal.


Situated in the funky Ace Hotel, the exterior is so heavily shrubbed and decorated that you forget you’re a block away from Madison Square Park.

Inside, glossy green walls paired with black details and dark mahogany add to the cozy interior. An assortment of lamps, miniature pigs (oh so April), and eclectic trinkets decorate every corner of this British establishment. You can’t come here and not order a’s like going to Italy and not having wine.


We were immediately sat in a cozy nook booth in the back corner, which was equipped with all versions of iPhone chargers, a first for me at brunch. We juiced our phones while we eyed the juices on the menu, ordering a green version with kale, apple, kiwi and cucumber to kick off our palettes.


Unfortunately, we were told they were out of green juice, which seemed odd given the early time we were dining, but we didn’t hold it against them. I ordered a latte instead, which was a tad bitter for my taste.


Wasting no time, we placed our food orders. Paul’s mom and I split the oven baked three cheese sandwich with house made ham. It comes as no surprise that this fancy grilled cheese was amazing. My only qualm is that it came on a large white plate with no sides, which made an impressive meal much less impressive. This would have been great with a side of chips, but instead it left us wanting more.


Julie and I also split a swiss chard frittata with ricotta. I liked that the eggs weren’t fully cooked, which helped combat the usually dry consistency of baked eggs. Julie, however, felt that it was a bit too salty for her liking.


Paul’s nana ordered the lamb burger, one of my favorites from many dinners at the Breslin. Chargrilled and served with feta, cumin mayo, and thrice cooked chips, this dish is a winner on any menu.


Paul and his dad both ordered the chargrilled skirt steak with fried eggs and tomatillo salsa. They both loved this dish, but also felt that it could have used a side.

We were all very satisfied overall with our brunch and could have stayed in our England escape all morning, but we had to get our Kinky Boots on, so with that, we parted ways.


The Bitches say: Three Champagne flutes. While some dishes really stood out, the steeper prices should have secured bigger portions with more well rounded plates than just the mains. You can’t go wrong with the lamb burger.

The Breslin serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. 


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