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The Bird Brunch

Remember a few weekends back, you woke up on Saturday and it was 65 degrees outside? You didn’t even need a coat. Then at approximately 3 p.m., winter arrived. I remember it like it was yesterday because we witnessed the mind-blowing seasonal transformation from a cozy booth inside The Bird.

The Bird

After our respective morning workouts, which for me consisted of a walk to the dog park, I gathered a gaggle of my gals to dine at the new neighborhood restaurant concept from EatWellDC.

Much like the nose-to-tail concept behind its cousin restaurant, The Pig, The Bird focuses on dishes all deriving from chicken. We were overjoyed to see a heavy emphasis on fried chicken throughout the menu.

We entered the two floor modern farmhouse space and immediately noticed the plethora of bird decor–in case the name wasn’t a dead giveaway. The blackbird wall decals and avant-garde egg murals reminded you of the culinary experience in which you were about to embark.

The Bird

Per usual, we started off with coffee, water, and a round of cocktails, except this time I opted to take my coffee spiked via the Foghorn. It was a coffee cocktail served with iced coffee, rum and chocolate bitters. It was strong, so I sipped on it throughout the meal. The Bloody Mary and When the Rooster Crows were both crowd-pleasers. The Elderflower cocktail came in a beautiful coupe and had just the right amount of bubbly.

The Bird

The truffle mac and cheese special caught our eye, as truffle does. So, we kicked off our meal by promptly devouring the shared plate. I love when a mac and cheese packs a crunch and this one had a nice breadcrumb exterior making each bite cheesy, warm, and flavorful. We also heard the chicken wings were not to be missed, but we weren’t in the mood to tackle that type of a dish, so we pledged to come back for happy hour to give them a go.

The Bird

Hands down, the best bite of the day was awarded to the fried chicken sandwich. Snaps for Kendra! The perfect biscuit, fried eggs, and crispy, boneless fried chicken made this the coveted dish on the table. The helping of pickles alone won me over.

The Bird

The chicken and waffles was enormous and served bone-in. We liked that the waffle was thin and crispy, as it served as a nice base for the massive chicken leg. The chicken was seasoned well, but Maggie lamented that the bone-in experience was a nuisance.

The Bird

My second favorite dish was the eggs Benedict with fried chicken. I’m not a Benedict lover, but the chicken, the sauce, and the biscuit was an out-of-this-world combo. We could have survived with a little less sauce, but otherwise this dish was creamy, crispy, and packed a clean spice. Definitely not a dish for the weary, we had to pass the plate around twice to finish it off.

The Bird

Alas, the most underwhelming dish of the day was the Shakshouka—one of the only non-chicken dishes on the menu. It was a small portion, in comparison to the other heaping entrees, and the egg was under cooked.

The Bird

As if three orders of fried chicken wasn’t enough, we were convinced to split the chocolate ice cream cake. Unexpectedly, most of the dessert was a chocolate buttermilk cake and caramel mousse, while only the bottom consisted of chocolate gelato. Peeping the wind storm outside, we didn’t mind the smaller portion of ice cream, as we threw on our sweaters and embraced the change of season head on.

The Bird

The Bitches say: A-. We loved posting up in this unique and cozy neighborhood addition to the EatWellDC restaurant group. You can’t go wrong with any of the fried chicken dishes or brunch cocktails.

The Bird serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  (202) 518-3609

BitchBiz: Bitches Who Brunch partners with EatWellDC. While this article was written independently by Bitches Who Brunch, we do receive compensation from the company. 


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