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The Beach at Dream Downtown Brunch

With Labor Day quickly approaching, I wanted to check off “NYC rooftop pool” from my bucket list in a fierce way. I leave for Europe next week, which means I’m going to return and summer is going to feel like 2 seasons ago. I knew my time for summer fun was dwindling and I had to act fast, which is why I was thrilled when the stars aligned last weekend and I was able to visit Dream Beach pool.

Dream Beach at the Dream Downtown

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Dream Downtown yet for their rooftop club or Bodega Negra restaurant and cafe, you’re missing out. It’s a beautiful hotel situated in a sceney area of Manhattan, which lends itself to some great people watching. I knew that Dream Beach would be no different after my other Dream Hotel jaunts and was so excited for a day mingling with guests and partygoers.

Dream Beach at the Dream Downtown

I invited Paul and my friend Michelle to join in on the festivities, and we felt instantly happier the moment we walked up to the second floor and took in our surroundings. The glass bottomed pool was surrounded by white chaise lounges, white doily umbrellas, and flanked on both sides by the unique hotel walls, which are designed to look like the outside of a ship. We snagged seats at a communal table and some butt space next to the pool and surveyed our European, rose-sipping pool partners. A group of cabanas and chairs clustered in the back over sand, the “Beach” part of Dream Beach, but we stuck to the pool. Dream Beach at the Dream DowntownClubby beats fueled a few bachelorette groups sipping from you-know-what straws, while the rest of us nodded in unison and basked in the sunshine. If you’re going to make a day out of your brunch, this is the way to do it.

Dream Beach at the Dream DowntownOur waitress was really friendly and down-to-earth, and after making a few strong recommendations, we ordered a round of ginger towers, made with absolut elyx, fresh ginger, mint, and ginger beer. It was just the way I like my moscow mule.

Dream Beach at the Dream Downtown

We also ordered the avocado toast to kick things off, served with tomato and sprouts. The portion was large, seasoned with lemon, and perfect for sharing. Dream Beach at the Dream DowntownWe also shared the Bodega Negra guacamole with was served with refreshingly fresh tortilla chips and jicama. It was a perfect outdoor appetizer while we finished our first round.

Dream Beach at the Dream Downtown

We were feeling more lunch brunch than breakfast brunch, so we shared the soft shell crab sandwich with chipotle slaw and guacamole on a toasted potato bun. The sweet potato fries they were served with made this plate, and we used the chipotle slaw as a delicious dipping sauce to complement spicy with sweet. Dream Beach at the Dream DowntownLast in our order (we were stuck in bathing suits, after all) was the quinoa tacos with grilled chicken, shredded kale, queso fresco, black bean pico, avocado, and sherry serrano vinaigrette. The hard shell it was served in was a unique addition. Paul didn’t like how heavy on the vinaigrette they were, but Michelle and I loved this dish.

Dream Beach at the Dream Downtown

By then our first round was long gone, so we ordered a poolside pitcher of Strawberry Fields with our meal, which was a welcome mix of Don Julio blanco, fresh strawberry, and fresh basil. Dream Beach at the Dream Downtown

The Bitches say: Five Champagne flutes. This brunch lent itself to one of my most favorite days in the city this summer, and not just because the food and cocktails were top notch. The Beach offers you a guaranteed good time plus an egg sandwich. You can’t beat it!

The Beach at Dream Downtown serves brunch daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. for hotel guests, and Monday through Friday at 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. for non-hotel guests.


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