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With all this raucous brunching, drinking, dancing and partying that comes with being a Bitch, sometimes a girl just wants some endorphins and Vitamin D.

So, I rounded up some friends for Cherry Blossom Yoga on the Mall followed by a healthy brunch. Three-quarters of my squadron bailed. (“I’m out of town!” “I’m hungover!” Lame.) Tried-and-true-but-hesitant pals Ed and Tristin were there bright and early, mats in hand, for yoga.

It was a gorgeous, bright Washington morning when half of the city—clad in obnoxiously bright workout gear—turned up alongside the Washington Monument for a free yoga class taught by Lululemon instructors.

The sun was shining. The breeze was blowing. Friends were smiling. The yoga class was surprisingly challenging yet relaxing. Ten minutes in, as I proceed through my down dogs and sun salutations, sandwiched between Ed and Tristin, I look over and my jaw drops.

Poor Ed. He’s contorted himself in some bizarre position and is cringing. “CS, I must confess, I’ve never done yoga,” he whispers in a heavy Australian accent, clearly out of breath.

(Ladies, Ed is devastatingly handsome, sweet as pie, and as genuine as they come. He’s climbed a mountain in Borneo. He has a badass job I can’t tell you about. He loves his Mama. He’s also single—and going to kill me. You can thank me later).

I burst into giggles. The serious yogis around me grimace and glare.

The rest of the class was spent fixing Ed’s feet, stance and guiding him through sun salutations as I hop from Warrior Two to Warrior Three and then back to Down Dog.

“UP DOG!,” I yell (Whoops!). “Shoulders back. Head lifts. Tuck your butt—don’t hurt your lower back,” my staccato instructions punctuate my own movements. Never fear, I’m actually a certified yogalates instructor. However, unfortunately for everyone in the vicinity, my personality is much more 80s highly caffeinated aerobics instructor than zenned-out yogi.

An hour-and-a-half later, Ed has survived his yoga. I quite enjoyed the class. Tristin—who claims to be accident prone—has also survived. One of our neighboring yogi novices even thanks me—citing my instructions to be quite helpful. I’m relieved my comrades have come out alive—and hungry.


We stroll through the National Mall over to Penn Quarter for lunch outside at Teaism, the perfect continuation to our healthful start. Teaism is hands down the best lunch spot in the city with its affordable, healthy, natural Asian cuisine. Only recently did we discover they served brunch.

You order at the counter at Teaism, then receive a number and wait patiently for your food. The menu is diverse—bento boxes, sandwiches, salads and other lunch fare are available all-day-long. Desserts include green tea crème brulee (amazing) and heavenly salted oatmeal cookies. The teas and beverages are unique and satisfying.

The brunch menu is equally fun, offering dishes like cilantro scrambled eggs, French toast, scones, gingerbread, chicken sausage, tofu scrambles and more.

For the table, I ordered carrot cake scones—which tasted exactly like the description. They were moist, tasting much like carrot cake muffins but with the more solid consistency of a scone. By contrast, Ed says, “The carrot cake scones, whilst tasty, were dry and didn’t bring much to the party.”


For my entrée, I chose the tea-cured salmon, naan, and raita, a dish off the brunch menu. Fresh salmon, moist flavorful naan and raita, essentially a yogurt cucumber dip similar to tztaziki. Really just a yummy, healthy, hit-the-spot plate of food.


Ed opted for the cilantro scrambled eggs with tea-cured salmon. The cilantro was a nice touch in the eggs—adding flavor. Fresh salmon was an added bonus. He said it was “a very tasty dish with a dash of Indian style, and well worth a return visit.”


Tristin ordered an amalgamation of side dishes. First up, the cucumber and ginger salad, a healthy and refreshing post-yoga dish with a generous helping of ginger.

She also ordered a side of fruit, which was unfortunately filled with Honeydew. You know how the Bitches feel about honeydew, which Tristin adequately referred to as the “redheaded step child of the fruit world. She clarified, “Please don’t take offense to this any and all redheaded readers for there are plenty attractive red heads. I am thinking more along the lines of Honeydew being the Lindsey Lohan of the fruit world. In any event, if you enjoy Honeydew you will enjoy the side of fruit at Teaism.”


She also had a side of the naan, which is served with an apricot spicy fruit spread.


For “dessert,” the table shared the sourdough waffle, a Belgian waffle made with sourdough batter that was warm, crispy and perfectly cooked. It was served with orange butter and maple syrup—which made for an amazing unique flavor. The citrus from the butter—and I believe it was also in the syrup—really permeated the whole dish, making it an out-of-the-ordinary waffle. The sourdough was a nice touch, too.

The Bitches say: A- for healthy, affordable, and quick brunch at one of our favorite lunch spots. Get rid of the honeydew and it’s an A.

Teaism has locations in Dupont, Penn Quarter, Alexandria and Lafayette Park. Brunch is served at its Dupont, Penn Quarter and Alexandria locations.
Teaism serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.

Cori Sue

Co-Founder, Pro Bruncher

The co-founder of Bitches Who Brunch, Cori Sue loves brand strategy, social media, red wine, and pink lipstick.

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  1. Teaism was my first favorite place to brunch in DC and it still remains consistently wonderful. I was in the neighborhood the other day and thoroughly enjoyed a whole meal SOLO just people watching in the warm setting. Can’t say enough how great it is.

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