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Surrey’s Cafe in New Orleans

On the last morning of the trip to New Orleans, Paul and I woke up with such an aggressive food hangover that the thought of another heavy meal made us both a bit squeamish.

With no real plans for our last few hours, I googled “juice” and we set off on Magazine Street for a walk in the sunshine. At this point, we were seeking anything green.

Surrey's Brunch in New Orleans

After seeing a few brunch accolades on Surrey’s Juice Bar website, this seemed like a no brainer. We walked up to the classic New Orleans house and noticed quite the crowd waiting, despite it being a Monday.

Surrey's Brunch in New Orleans

The waiter told us it would be a thirty minute wait which sounded fine, and we spent the time ambling around the shaded side streets, making a pit stop at an awesome coffee shop called Mojo.

By the time we returned, it had been 30 on the dot. However, it took another 30 to seat us. I really, really don’t appreciate when the front of house grossly underestimates wait time, especially on vacation when we could have been exploring more of the neighborhood. I was also confused when we walked in because there were a lot of empty tables yet a lot of people waiting outside. Their staff seemed young, which is fine, but not all with it.

Surrey's Brunch in New Orleans

After finally sitting, it took another twenty for our waitress to come over. By this point, we were starving and getting “hangry”.

We ordered two custom juices with kale, ginger, cucumber. I asked for orange juice in mine originally, but the waitress came back over and apologized for a “new juicer who didn’t understand doing things quickly” and suggested I change my order to apple. The juice was great when I arrived and I needed that kind of healthy kickstart, but we weren’t off to a great start.

Paul ordered the egg sandwich for his meal on the house made biscuit with boudin sausage. It was pretty dry, so we doctored it up with hot sauce and ketchup. I don’t think you should have to alter dishes you order out, and am usually opposed to putting hot sauce on anything because it masks the taste, but this needed it. The boudin was pretty tasteless.

Surrey's Brunch in New Orleans

I ordered the breakfast burrito, which was really good. At this point, all I could think was “thank goodness!”

After the reviews I read and our contrary brunch experience, I was really baffled. It was a cute spot, but this was the longest we waited for a restaurant in Nola, and we dined at some pretty exceptional establishments.

We also had to keep swatting away flies. There weren’t open windows and it was indoors, so this also confused me. No one likes to feel buggy during brunch and it really grossed us out.

Surrey's Brunch in New Orleans

The Bitches say: D. I don’t think this review comes as a surprise after our less than stellar description. Between the flies, the mediocre meals, and the lackadaisical service, this is not a place I would recommend to friends visiting New Orleans. Even if it is the only place we found with fresh pressed juice!

Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar
1418 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA

Surrey’s serves brunch seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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