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STK Party Brunch II

There’s something about birthdays. You either love them or you hate them. I fall somewhere in between. My mood towards my birthday is directly correlated to the age I’m turning. This year, 29 was not on my mind. I stayed in town and decided to keep it intimate with my best gal pals. Since it fell on a Sunday, a party brunch only seemed natural. I read previously that HBIC Becca once celebrated her birthday at STK. So when STK graciously invited us in to try their revamped menu, I thought “Sure, why not?”

As soon we were seated, our server immediately poured four glasses of Prosecco without us even having to ask. He informed us there was a drag show that would begin later on. STK has a drag brunch with live performances and a DJ spinning beats on the fourth Sunday of each month. We just happened to be there for it. This, coupled with the bottomless drinks, made it sure to be an experience.

STK Brunch

We ordered a few starters to share amongst the table. STK is known for its impressive meats, but half of our group was vegetarian and vegan. I took a few Snapchat selfies while waiting for our appetizers and was pleasantly surprised to discover that STK has its own geofilter. As I’m a Snapchat addict, this was the icing on the (birthday) cake for me! This is appropriate, as STK is certainly a destination. The fireplace, illuminated bar, and booths facing out into the restaurant provide a sexy backdrop.

STK Brunch

First up, the fresh fruit board, granola, and chopped salad arrived first.The fruit board consisted of a mixture of melons and assorted berries. It was certainly fresh and hydrating to say the least. The granola was decent as well. The chopped salad was a solid option to start, as it’s fairly light. Golden beets, green beans, carrots, and olives provided a nice color and variety against the greens. Unlike my outfit preferences, I prefer my salad under-dressed as opposed to overdressed. So, I was pleased to find the veggies weren’t drowning in dressing.

STK Brunch

Kara and Manisha tried the crispy rock shrimp. The deep fried shrimp looked beautiful and both gals agreed that this was a winner. Kara noted the crispiness was enjoyable and shrimp tasted fresh. Manisha thought the spicy sauce gave it a nice kick, too. I observed both of them fighting for the last bite.

We noticed the whole restaurant filling up and the music becoming louder. When we first walked in around noon, it was fairly desolate so the party was certainly about to begin. This meant we needed to pick up the pace on our drinks. You can add bottomless drinks to brunch for just $20 and switch between Prosecco, mimosas, Bellinis or Bloody Marys. We appreciated being able to change it up and switched to Bellini and Bloody Marys. Our server was attentive and made sure we were never with an empty glass throughout our meal.

STK Brunch

Our brunch entrees came out at once. It was overwhelming to look at considering we were changing into our swimsuits after. The drag show was also starting. Periodically a drag queen would come out during our meal and channel a specific musical artist. It was remarkable and entertaining. The whole restaurant was captivated by the performances.

STK Brunch

Since we were at STK, Kara had to go with the steak and eggs. She liked how the eggs were fluffy and light which complimented the steak nicely. It was cooked exactly the way she asked for it. I binged on her garlic fries which were addicting. I was also thankful that I didn’t have to stop since I wasn’t planning on kissing anyone.

STK Brunch

Sonal, my adorable vegan friend, and I split the brioche French toast. I recently learned she cheats with pancakes and French toast—which contain eggs, for those non-vegans out there. I traded her my blueberries for her strawberries. I tend to discriminate against certain berries and blueberries are one of them. That said, the French toast was to die for. It was just sweet enough to balance my bittersweet coffee. It wasn’t heavy and melted in your mouth.

STK Brunch

While we didn’t order the special brisket sandwich, the chef wanted us to try it so he sent it on over. I was only able to contribute to eating the fries. Both Kara and Manisha enjoyed the sandwich and said the brisket was cooked appropriately. The sandwich was served in the classic fashion, topped with shoestring style onion rings Kara described it as a flavor party in your mouth, with a great combination of textures.

STK Brunch

We heard there was a mystery item on the menu—so of course we had to find out. Turns out it was a fried chicken funnel cake and our jaws dropped. This was one of their favorite dishes, and for good reason! The fried chicken was seasoned well and the funnel cake was an innovative twist compared to waffles. I snuck a piece of the funnel cake and it was delicious!

STK Brunch

The dance floor opened up and our host called up the birthday guests to strut down a runway. I did my due diligence and struck a pose with my birthday counterparts. This certainly livened up the party even more. And I was happy to have some liquid courage. Lastly, my friends surprised me with a chocolate chip cookie concoction. The warm chocolate chip cookie was warm, moist, and served hot—and topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and complete with a candle.

Overall, this drag brunch at STK was a welcome change from the usual brunches in D.C. It didn’t just feel like an occasion, but more of a celebration. It was a wonderful start to a fun-filled day.

The Bitches Say: A+ for fantastic food, a festive atmosphere, and exceptional service.

1250 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20036

STK serves brunch on Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This restaurant has closed as of March 2017.

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