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Southern Hospitality Brunch for Dinner

It’s like a dream come true for a Bitch: a third day per week of brunch. Sure, you can go to a diner for greasy hash browns and pancakes anytime. You can, as a matter of fact, have pancakes paired with boozy milkshakes at Satellite Room. And now, with the launch of “BFD Wednesdays” at Adams Morgan restaurant Southern Hospitality, you can have brunch for dinner. BFD stands for “Brunch for Dinner”, which is also a BFD for us Bitches.

On this particular Wednesday, I bicycled through downtown Washington and up to Adams Morgan to play tennis with Lauren, my sporty spice friend. After all that exertion, brunch was the only solution to refuel and rehydrate (with wine, of course).

It was a lovely, hot summer evening, perfect for white wine on Southern Hospitality’s patio. The restaurant is a casual bar and grill, serving up Southern-style cuisine. It’s a popular bar and while the cuisine is by no means gourmet, it’s reliable, well-portioned and filling. The staff is friendly, the owners are often hanging around— it’s definitely a neighborhood gathering place. And, if you’re in the mood for a midweek brunch, it’s the place to go.

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At BFD, there are bottomless mimosas and screw drivers for $15, and Bloody Mary or Bacon Bloody Marys for $9 each. We decided to sample the Bacon Bloody Mary, which was mixed with bacon-infused vodka made in house. The flavors were very strong: bacon fat and horseradish, this is not a Bloody Mary for the faint of heart. The house-made Bloody mix was really good. After a few sips, however, it was back to white wine for this little Bitch.

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For the brunch menu, Southern Hospitality picks its five most popular dishes served on the regular brunch menu and offers the at dinner. On this occasion, the options were steak and eggs, chicken and waffles, French toast, and a fried chicken Eggs Benedict, made with poached eggs, boneless fried chicken, biscuits, and topped with Hollandaise. While this sounded absolutely delicious, the dish was a little too heavy for us on a Wednesday evening.

It had been a few years since brunch at Southern Hospitality, which I recall really enjoying. What I can take away from brunch-for-dinner was that the food was a clean, simple take on Southern staples.

My chicken and waffles was very well done: it was an enormous breast of chicken lightly fried, placed atop three pieces of warm Belgian waffle. It was slightly lacking in flavor but easily solved with Maple syrup. I didn’t feel excessively heavy or gluttonous after eating it, despite the enormous portion.

Similarly, Lauren’s steak and eggs dish was clean, fresh, simple. Two fried eggs, two cuts of correctly cooked steak, slices of wheat toast, and French fries. She picked SoHo’s super popular sweet potato fries. We both polished off our enormous plates.

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Both of our entrees came with a side of fruit. The fruit was a bowl of all of my favorites: strawberries, watermelon, and pineapple, sliced perfectly and absolutely fresh, which I frankly wasn’t expecting. I also ordered a side of sausage, which looked unimpressive at its arrival but was actually another highlight of the meal. It was really quite good, and even better with Maple syrup, as is everything.

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The best part about SoHo is it’s fun: the restaurant plays a mix of oldies from the 60s and 80s and upbeat pop, the drinks are flowing, and everyone is just having a good time. Heck, the owner even juggled for us. (And, full disclosure, gave us a steep discount).

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The Bitches say: A-. While it’s nothing gourmet, the food at Southern Hospitality is reliable and clean. The drinks are bottomless, and the ambiance super fun.

Southern Hospitality
1815 Adams Mill Road
Washington, D.C.
(202) 588-0411

Southern Hospitality serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Wednesday evenings.

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