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Slipstream Brunch

Well, Slipstream just sort of slipped into D.C. out of nowhere, didn’t it?

One day there were funny posters on the window of Fathom Creative, the next day there’s a sign out for coffee and brunch. I waddled past to take my dry cleaning to Besson’s and stopped in my tracks, trés confused.

So I returned the following weekend with my requisite gaggle of friends with babies, and asked for a table for four for brunch. No high chairs, they said. I sighed, and plopped down at the “family” table.

This is what happens when all your friends start popping out kids; you suddenly have to call ahead and make sure the trendy restaurant of choice actually has child-proof things. Alas, the kids stayed in their strollers (or ran circles around the table, in the case of the toddler) and the rest of the adults finally joined me.

Slipstream Brunch

Slipstream is a great space. The front of the restaurant, with its floor-to-ceiling window, is a total coffee shop, with a long wooden coffee bar, plenty of yummy pastries at the ready, and people with laptops hogging the solo tables.

In the back, there’s a bit more space for groups, and a huge sunlight lets in plenty of warmth and sunshine. It’s a great transformation from the creative agency (which, I believe, moved upstairs), and a much-welcomed coffee spot for lower 14th Street.

Slipstream Brunch

The coffees are the main event on the brunch menu: There are three in-house blends and a half-dozen single origin brews. You can also pick your style: espresso, with milk, or drip coffee. Plus there are yummy hot drinks like an almond cashew cappuccino or a “thoughtful” mocha. You can even get your coffee with a dark chocolate pairing. I like.

The brunch menu itself also offers a selection of house-made pastries, which are baked in house every day. They looked really great when I walked into the restaurant, but we opted to go for a selection of Slipstream’s toasts.

The toasts are just that: massive slices of toasted bread topped with various things. We had the goat cheese mousse and avocado, the homemade creme fraiche and jam, and the egg and cheese, made with marigold butter and mustard cheese. Each of them were equally tasty. We had no complaints.

Slipstream Brunch

There are a few brunch cocktails—and coffee cocktails, of course—on the menu. Plus, a selection of teas. This place is really into its liquids. In fact, the food is only a quarter of the menu. Their cocktails are mighty creative, too, like the “For Whom the Rum Tolls” and “Empire State of Grind.” Super cute.

The coffee I had—the six-one-six—was fantastic. A South American blend from Michigan roaster Madcap, it was earthy, nutty, and chocolate-y. Slip Stephanie ordered a green tea, which was served in a clear pot so you could see the fruits and leave steeping inside.

Slipstream Brunch

We dove into the entrees, which arrived at various times and with various levels of service. In fact, we were a bit confused as to whom was our server.

The breakfast bowl comprised Madagascar pink rice, persian cucumber, preserved lemon, radish, and an egg. It came with pork belly on the side, which was mostly all fat and rather disappointing. But the rest of the dish was interesting enough to suffice.

The French toast casserole was pretty, made with two hunks of brioche croissants, and covered with butter and Maple syrup. It was a rather small dish, though, and Saman left brunch hungry (especially after his toddler helped finish most of the sweet dish).

Slipstream Brunch

I ordered the biscuits and gravy, which was definitely the most substantial dish. it was four biscuit slices with pork belly, two big poached eggs, all covered in a thick gravy. The pork belly was a bit hard to find, but the biscuits and gravy were delicious.

The speckled romaine salad was by far the most beautiful dish I have seen in Washington in a long while. Quite the construction, the salad is amazingly colorful and tasty. It was a bed of root vegetables, potatoes, cucumbers, and créme topped with cider vinegar and rice crackers.

Slipstream Brunch

We finished up our brunch rather quickly, considering the impending toddler and baby nap times, and the fact that kids were clearly not welcome in the space. With my laptop, no kids, and a cozy corner, this would be the perfect winter work spot, though.

The Bitches say: B. Coffees and pastries are fantastic and the menu very creative. We love the concept, but they still have a few food and service kinks to work out. Head there for a cozy corner to work.

1333 14th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Slipstream serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.


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