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Seventh Hill Pizza

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There’s nothing that says “Sunday” like a stroll through Eastern Market followed by brunch on the patio of one of its charming little restaurants. Last Sunday, I brought a gaggle of gals and guys to Eastern Market for the morning.

Side note: The shopping at the market has improved since my last visit. We found lots of great vintage baubles, bought fun costume jewelry that wasn’t cheesy, and spotted lovely antique furniture.

Sadly, the main street bordering Eastern Market (7th St. S.E.) is limited on the brunch spots: there’s Montmarte, where I’ve brunched twice before, and that’s all. In the way of food, there’s also Marvelous Market, Peregrine Espresso, Acqua al Due, Port City Java, and Seventh Hill, a pizza place owned by Montmarte’s French proprietors.

Like Montmarte, Seventh Hill has an adorable outdoor patio with barren tables and a sparsely decorated interior. The tables are empty, as are the walls, which I find odd as I thought the French were known for flourish and not for minimalism. While I do believe the food is the top priority at any restaurant, it wouldn’t hurt to add a little decoration and ambiance to your space.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

That being said, let’s get to the pizza. I’d heard good things about Seventh Hill—people rave about their pizza, and we all know I’m often Bitching about the lack of good pie in the District.

The menu at Seventh Hill offers two sizes—8 inch and 12 inch—and its pizzas are named after neighborhood landmarks: there’s the “Capitol Hill” (tomato, basil, mozzarella), “The Barracks Row” (tomato, mushroom, spinach, red onion, mozzarella), “The SW Waterfront” (tomato, black olive, anchovies, basil) and more. You get the picture.

Unlike We the Pizza, which is New York style, Seventh Hill is more Neapolitan—it’s a lot thinner.

Beau and I split the Eastern Market, tomato, goat cheese, fresh herbs, tapenade, fresh mushrooms. It was a great combination of flavors that paired well together. Sadly, we both felt the pizza was a bit soggy and limp.

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

Clay opted for Seventh Hill’s variation on the traditional pepperoni pizza. He says,
“I thought the pizza was very good, and the ingredients tasted fresh. It was a little more dough-y than I prefer, but I still liked it.”

Photo credit: Cori Sue Morris

The service at Seventh Hill was odd, you could order from the waiter or from the counter, and then the waiter may or may not come to check on you and eventually take away your plates. Clay also voiced similar issues with the service conundrum, he says:

“I did not like the fact that we had to self-serve for our silverware, drinks, order, etc. I guess I was excepting a normal brunch-type wait staff. But, the patio is great and I would definitely go back.”

As far as the menu, it lacked much else beyond pizza—a few sandwich options, two desserts, and a few drink options. I ordered an iced tea, expecting the delicious freshly brewed kind that’s perfect for sitting outside on a spring day. Instead, beau walked up with a diet Snapple (ew) and I refused to drink it since I prefer my beverages free of cancer-causing aspartamine. Beau does, however, say they have a great beer selection.

The Bitches say: C+. The pizza was good, but it didn’t hit the spot. If we’re up in Southeast, we’d definitely prefer We the Pizza’s thicker, crusted New York-style pies.

Seventh Hill Pizza
327 Seventh St. S.E.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 544-1911

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