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Right Proper Brewing Brunch

There’s nothing better than beautiful, spring Sundays spent with some of your favorite friends. I tend to spend my weekdays in Shaw, so I was excited to spend a leisurely Sunday in the neighborhood.

I was up at a decent hour to take in a class at SolidCore, which is probably the most challenging workout I’ve ever done. I was joined by one of my dearest college friends, Christina, and then we headed to Compass Coffee to do some work, and relax for an hour before brunch.

We strolled up the street to brunch at Right Proper, and were joined by Emily, who reserved a picnic table under an umbrella for us outside on this sunny day.

Right Proper Beer 40

We were greeted by a friendly, 20-something female waitress who was cool, nice, and effective. She was just great.

Right Proper Beer 11

Devastated that Right Proper offers neither mimosas nor beermosas, I had a glass of white wine. And more Compass Coffee to keep with my three-beverage brunch policy. Emily selected rosé and Christina ordered a Heffeweisen. We might have all had two rounds—but hey, it’s Sunday and we worked out.

Right Proper Beer 1

We began with the Thai wings and the Feta. The wings, which you can order in plates of six or twelve, were delicious. Lightly fried in a crispy, sweet-and-spicy sauce, the wings were topped with chopped chives and needed no dipping sauce. Thankfully, we had a diverse group of those who prefer drummies or wings, so there was no fighting over the who ate what. I honestly would have liked a plate of six to myself, though.

Right Proper Beer 15

The feta was lovely: a huge portion of fresh, moist Feta cheese, a salad of cucumbers and red onions, and warm triangles of soft pita bread, served on a rectangular marble slab rather than a plate. The whole thing really hit the spot—I couldn’t get enough of the cucumbers, and the feta slathered onto that warm pita bread was just so satisfying. What a great start to brunch.

Right Proper Beer 18

Speaking of, Right Proper’s brunch isn’t much of a brunch—it’s lunch, with three menu additions: pancakes, breakfast tacos, and a smoked salmon sammy, with smoked salmon, capers, and cucumbers on sourdough. But, we made do.

Emily, who made me promise not to scold her for being healthy, ordered a salad. The salad was beautiful: light, fresh, greens and frisee, with slices of thin, green avocado and dressed lightly.

Right Proper Beer 24

Christina ordered the chicken biscuit, which was served with a light salad. The fried chicken was moist and delicious—and the biscuit pretty damn good.

Right Proper Beer 28

I went for the burger, topped with bacon and cheese and served on a brioche bun. It was cooked medium rare, just as I requested, and was really hit-the-spot good. All American: cheddar, bacon, white bread. Sometimes—OK most times—you just can’t beat a burger. It was also served with a generous helping of a lovely, light salad.

Right Proper Beer 30

We ordered one brunch dish, the pancakes, as dessert. Served with bacon and scrambled eggs, the pancakes should be labeled as a full breakfast platter, rather than just cakes.

The bacon and eggs were solid, but the pancakes were a real treat. “These are just as good as any pancakes I’ve ever had,” said Christina. They were moist and fluffy on the inside, but crispy on the outside, and not too thick. Nutella was lightly spread across the top—and they weren’t served with syrup, because they needed no syrup.

This would be a solid spot to go for beer and pancakes when you’re on a cheat day.

The Bitches say: A-. We love the patio and the vibe at this cool, local brewery. We wish they served a beermosas and threw a few more brunch items on their morning menu.

Right Proper Brewing Co.
624 T St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Right Proper serves its lunchy brunch on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 11:30 a.m.

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