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Reynard Brunch

High above the Williamsburg, Brooklyn landscape towers the Wythe Hotel, and I assure you that the short hike from the Bedford subway stop is worth what waits for you inside. Wythe Hotel is a fairly new hotspot, known for its incredible views of Manhattan from a wraparound rooftop bar, and for the impressive restoration from its former factory roots. Most importantly, Wythe Hotel is known for its restaurant, Reynard, which fully embodies the growing foodie movement across the river.

reynard brunch

This particular weekend, my girlfriend Kyle and I were much overdue for some quality time and were both feeling stifled by the shadows of our NYC high rises. We jumped on the L for a brunch escape, joining the rest of the Manhattan pilgrims heading out for some breathing room.

reynard brunch

Bracing myself for a long wait sans reservation, we happily planted ourselves at the awesome marble-topped bar and ended up liking the mood in our cozy corner so much, we stayed put the entire brunch. The decor in Reynard is what you’d expect and more; rustic, light drenched, and exposed brick paired with industrial globes and metal finishes.

reynard brunch

Frothy lattes came first, followed by much deliberation over our order. We’d already committed to being gluttonous after a long weekend of celebrations, which made our decisions even more difficult. The menu changes frequently with fresh fare, so unfortunately for you, some of what we ordered can’t be recreated. Each dish is simply described with minimal details, leaving room for imagination and the promise of surprise.

reynard brunch

Our first dish was the pancakes with creme fraiche, almonds, and oro blanco. They were thin and light yet fabulously decadent with the creamy topping. There was a moderate drizzle of sweet syrup on top which only enhanced the flavor, and we soaked up every last drop.

reynard brunch

Next up was the fried chicken sandwich, which is thankfully a regular on the menu, and was served with a very healthy portion of fries and topped with pickles and aoli. I usually shy away from anything fried, but today was a day for indulgence and after an emphatic recommendation for the bartender, I welcomed the perfectly crisp and succulent chicken paired with tangy pickles.

reynard brunch

At plate three and a few weird looks from our fellow diners who were either jealous or curious where it was all going, our scrambled eggs arrived.  Served on one oversized piece of sourdough toast smothered in ricotta with a heaping portion of scrambled eggs, this final dish sealed the fate of our brunch.

reynard brunch

The Bitches say A. Reynard is a relaxed restaurant despite being a trendy hotspot housed in a trendier hotel situated in the trendiest Brooklyn hood. Go for fresh and thoughtful seasonal fare that will have you bragging to your Manhattan posse about your awesome new Williamsburg brunch discovery.

80 Wythe Ave.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(718) 460-8004

Reynard is open for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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