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Review: Wild Son Dinner

It was the last Indian summer day in the city, and I knew I should feel lucky going into the weekend in open toed sandals. Going to Wild Son to taste their new dinner and cocktail menu was the perfect way to commemorate the last day of going out without shivering. I booked a strategic time that allowed us to watch the sunset from our spot next to the West Side highway, as we claimed the counterspot tables in front of the huge open window.

Wild Son

The restaurant was quiet for Friday night, but dinner service is new for Wild Son, and I have no doubt with time this will be as bustling as it is for brunch. I enjoyed not having to shout or get jostled by people waiting for a table. The soundtrack made up for any vibe lost from a packed house – we danced our way through dinner on our seats thanks to the staff’s excellent taste in classics.

Wild Son

Our waiter came over and gave us a warm welcome, explaining the cocktail menu in detail. Most of the cocktails are ones I’d skip over in a regular menu mainly out of liquor novice, but I was so glad I was forced to branch out because they were awesome and a nice break from my Moscow Mule go-to.

Wild Son

Glancing over the food menu, I immediately noticed how small it was. For me, this is a great thing. With a small menu, I assume they’ve perfected what they’re offering, and I appreciate that my indecision isn’t plagued by pages of a menu. We asked what was great, and the waiter walked us through each dish with detail and pride.

We were sold on the mussels first, served with guanciale, serrano pepper, and smoked trout broth. I sadly couldn’t partake in the house-made foccacia bread, but the curried broth it was served in was so delicious, I ate it with a spoon. Mussels usually aren’t a top-of-mind order for me, but these were jam packed with flavor and so delicious.

Wild Son

We also shared the charred tuscan kale salad with coconut oil and breadcrumbs. This was my favorite. I get that kale sounds basic, but this was so different. The coconut oil it was cooked in really came through in flavor.

For dinner, I ordered the lobster with fall market succotash. This was buttery and rich, and the vegetable medley it was served over added a nice crisp to the bite.

Photo provided by Wild Son

Paul ordered the trout with celery slaw. This was the shining star of our meal. It was smoked and roasted in-house and had such a unique, rich flavor. I couldn’t get enough of the refreshing slaw it was served with. It was so perfectly cooked and flaked on my fork.

The Bitches say: A. The cocktails are fantastic, and the menu is small but mighty. We can’t wait to go back!

The Wild Son
53 Little West 12th
(212) 727-7900

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