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Review: The Ritz-Carlton Tyson’s Corner Spa Lunch

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It was a rough Friday for the Bitches team, as we made the trek out to Tyson’s Corner. And, by that we mean not rough at all, in that we hopped in a 20-minute Uber and pulled into the driveway at the Ritz-Carlton Tyson’s Corner, for some much needed R&R.

Tess and I were invited by the lovely ladies at TAA PR to experience the new spa services available at the spa at the Ritz-Carlton. As we entered the stunning hotel (which is also rather confusing but conveniently adjacent to the galleria), we made our way to the spa. We were greeted by the friendly receptionists brandishing sparkling French rosé. Between the low lights, soft voices and alcohol, I felt myself relaxing immediately upon stepping foot in the door.

It wasn’t until we were in our big plush spa robes that I discovered Tess (our amazing Baby Bitch) had never been to the spa. Meanwhile, co-Bitch Becca and I can’t live without our regular massages and facials. We were in for a treat!

There are two new services on the menu at the Ritz-Carlton: the Basil Limonata White Sand Body Polish and the Citrus & Kale Antioxidant Facial. I told Tess she was in for the body polish as our eight-year age difference and my recent 30th birthday means I need the facial a lot more than she does.


Says Tess, “the new Basil Limonata White Sand Body Polish at The Ritz-Carlton is 50 minutes of pure bliss. The first part of the treatment includes a full-body scrub down with an exfoliating volcanic rock and white sand mixture. This part is scratchy–but still enjoyable. Next, you rinse away the exfoliating beads in the shower and emerge feeling soft and relaxed. Now you’re ready for the real bliss. Back on the massage table, you’re treated to a full-body massage with the most amazing lotion that was so decadent it almost felt like a lightweight candle wax–but in the best way possible. The lotion is made of organic oil spiked with antioxidants from citrus and minty greens. I would recommend this treatment to anyone whose skin needs a restart and who needs overall relaxation. If you need to get out a lot of knots or kinks in your back or legs then I would recommend a regular massage.”


I’ve always been impressed with the service at the Ritz-Carlton— I mean, it should be good—and this experience was no different. My facialist, Ashley, was an absolute delight—she waxed my eyebrows at no additional charge and gave me incredibly helpful skin advice, throwing in some products for me to take away. I get facials regularly—the extractions and the anti-aging are a must, but this was the first time I’d experience a black light skin analysis. They scan your skin with a black light to see beneath the surface, spotting problem areas like clogged pores and dry skin. Now, that’s fancy—and effective.

We spent a good while in the spa’s facilities—enjoying the sauna and steam room. (Don’t forget your swimsuit for the pool and hot tub like we did!) Then we sauntered over to Entyse, the wine bar and lounge in the hotel. They were serving afternoon tea as a pianist played classic songs from Sound of Music.

Entyse is focused on wine and small plates—two of our very favorite things. We began by sampling a few crisp whites before opting for a French Sancerre and a Sauvignon Blanc, respectively.

Then, we were spoiled by a continuous parade of delicious, innovative shareable plates from the sweet chef Chris.

First up, the roasted cauliflower with Romesco, goat cheese poblano jam and crunchy onions. This is exactly how I love my vegetables—covered with cheese. We cleaned the plate.


The Cotija Cheese tacos were an absolute hit—essentially a queso fundido taco prepared with avocado and salsa verde. They were pinned together by miniature clothes pins, which had Tess squealing with delight.


In addition to her first spa trip, Tess also experienced another first this past week: steak tartare at Le Diplomate with yours truly. While she wasn’t a huge fan (it’s my favorite dish), she did enjoy the classic preparation (cornichons, capers, eggs and bagel points.) At the Ritz Carlton, we opted for a tuna tartare, creatively prepared like a steak varietal.

The crab cakes were the real winner—jumbo lump crab cakes with meat so big we’re not sure there was any filler at all. They were served atop a green apple slaw and topped with just the right amount of Cajun Remoulade. I will dream about these crab cakes in the weeks to come.

We’ll never turn down chocolate, so we went for the chocolate soufflé, which was served with a coffee ice cream and cookie crumble, making it that much better.


Chef also sent out a mango mousse, which was unique combination of mango sweetness and a savory cookie and herb crumble. The smooth consistency and unique flavor of the mousse was memorable, and we’re glad we sampled it. That said, we’ll still always go for the chocolate.


We’ll continue to return—again and again—to the Ritz Carlton for its impeccable spa, stellar service, and surprisingly incredible wine lunch.

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