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Review: The Remains at Studio Theatre

The perfect Sunday plans usually include a light brunch and a show. I was intrigued by the premise of The Remains from Studio Theatre, which is billed as “a comedy about the tragedy of loving.” I was curious to see how playwright Ken Urban would explore the complexities of marriage and how two people grow apart over time.

Naomi Jacobson, Maulik Pancholy, Glenn Fitzgerald, and Greg Mullavey in The Remains. Photo: Wilson Chin.

The Remains follows Kevin and Theo as they host their families for a dinner party, and reveal surprising news (baby spoiler!) they’re getting a divorce. I was captivated by the performances from Maulik Pancholy as Kevin (I recognized him from 30 Rock) and Glenn Fitzgerald (Theo) as they conveyed the intricacies of how a relationship grows, blossoms, and sometimes even dies. The supporting cast provided much needed levity, showing how even in the darkest of moments we can find humor and hope that love can prevail.

Photo by Wilson Chin

I’ve got to give a shout out to the scenic designer Wilson Chin too. The entire play is set in Kevin and Theo’s kitchen, which is, quite honest, Pinterest goals. It looked like it was lifted straight out of a modern rowhouse in Shaw, (despite the play technically being set in Boston). I’ll still be dreaming about those floating shelves and appliances when I move into my new apartment soon.

The play floats between realism and expressionism, which by the end was a bit jarring for me. But I enjoyed the emotional truths of how relationships cycle, and values shift over one’s lifetime. The Remains is a thought-provoking examination of the tragedy of ending a romantic relationship.

The Remains is playing at Studio Theatre now until June 24. Get tickets here.

BitchBiz: While this review was written independently by the Bitches, we do receive compensation and free tickets from Studio Theatre.


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