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Review: Rocky Horror Picture Show at Studio Theatre

“Still on to do the Time Warp tomorrow?” I texted Cori Sue.

“What? You mean the play? Yes, see you at 8!” she replied.

At that moment I realized that Cori Sue had never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and that I alone had the honor of taking her Rocky Horror Picture Show virginity. She solidified her virgin status when she made the mistake of saying she had never seen the show before as we walked past an actor wearing a full body fishnet suit and not much else. We were then followed to our seats by a troupe of actors that looked as though they had escaped the Rihanna S&M video that proceeded to yell, “VIRGINS!” until we actually sat down.


I wanted her first time to be enjoyable, but it’s hard to put into words exactly what to expect from this particular play. Regardless of how I explain it, the performers at the Studio Theatre did not disappoint. Every single actor stayed in character from the moment they were in front of the audience until the moment they left the theatre and kept the whole experience playful and fun. The incredibly talented actors at the Studio Theatre had the whole audience dancing in their seats and roaring with laughter.

While I enjoyed the performance as a whole, one aspect I particularly enjoyed was the combination of traditional live performance paired with the use of modern technology. Pre-filmed footage was aired at just the right moments and was incorporated flawlessly.


Overall the cast, and the director, did a fabulous job of paying tribute to the original Rocky Horror Picture Show while also adding unique twists that made it the Studio Theatre’s own. Want to check out their rendition of the cult classic yourself? Get tickets for this weekend here. Be prepared for assless chaps, pitch perfect voices, and over the top fun.

PS-I’ve had “Let’s Do the Time Warp Again” stuck in my head since Thursday, so you have been warned.

For tickets, call (202) 332-3300, or visit the website.

The Studio Theatre
1501 14th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Amanda Jean, Social Bitch

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