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Review: Steve Cohen Chamber Magic

I’ll pretty much take any excuse to get dressed up in a ritzy hotel for a night out on the town. I was struggling to find a creative experience as a gift for my boyfriend and after a few coworkers recommended Steve Cohen’s show I was sold. Cocktail dress code? Check. Waldorf Astoria? Check. Fancy magic show? Even better.


Steve Cohen, also known as the Millionaires’ Magician, is a truly majestic performer that has delighted more than 300,000 guests in his long-running weekly spectacle. He primarily hosts his program from the elegant residences at the Waldorf Astoria, but has traveled around the world to perform private shows for A-Listers such as Woody Allen, Warren Buffett, and the Queen of Morocco.


Our intimate group of approximately 40 theatergoers were dressed to the nines and ushered into rows of chairs in the luxe apartment suite. The ambiance and poise of the performance took me back in time to an era of parlor entertainment. From his dapper three piece suit to his charismatic tone, Steve Cohen captivated our attention the moment he addressed our small crowd. Cohen limits his show to adults only keeping the “demonstration of modern conjuring” spirited yet classy.


Cohen had a wide variety of tricks up his sleeve during the 90 minute performance. You won’t see Cohen pulling rabbits out of hats or sawing an assistant in half; he prefers incredible acts of mind reading and the slight of hand. He interacted with a large portion of guests, myself included, so we were reassured that there weren’t any plants or funny business. Since ticketing was limited, we could all see the magic occurring up close and Cohen frequently changed up our seating arrangements so that we could view the performance from all angles.

I won’t give away any tricks, but upon researching the Millionaires’ Magician, you’ll likely stumble upon a reference to the legendary tea kettle. In a nutshell, audience members write down a beverage of choice, anything from a Long Island Iced Tea to a strawberry milkshake…and you can guess what comes out of the tea kettle.


Woody Allen summed up the performance quite accurately by calling it a “religious experience.” After dozens of astonishing acts, I had to pick my jaw up off the floor in order to flash a smile and pose with Cohen and the tea kettle for a great Instagram photo.


I highly recommend that anyone with an open mind and a sense of fun check out one of New York’s better kept secrets. Tickets start at $85 for general admission.

Steve Cohen Chamber Magic
Waldorf Astoria Hotel
301 Park Ave.
New York, New York 10022

(Photo credit Rebecca McAlpin)


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