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Review: FitReserve

It’s no secret that we pride ourselves on being balanced Bitches. We’re all about the bottomless mimosas and the stuffed French toast, but we try to squeeze in a run or a fitness class beforehand. We know how to pair a great Celine crossbody with some Zara denim. Work hard, play hard.

Here in New York City, we’re lucky to have access to pretty much every boutique fitness class under the sun, from underwater spinning to aerial yoga. Thus, we were thrilled to recently try out FitReserve, a fitness booking membership that provides access to more then 125 luxury studios and 10,000+ classes in New York and the Hamptons at more than 50% off single-class prices.


What we loved: We’ve used other fitness booking memberships in the past and remembering to sign up at an exact time each week gave us severe anxiety. New Yorkers seriously claw each others’ eyes out for that coveted 7 a.m. Barry’s treadmill. We really enjoyed that FitReserve gave us access to desirable classes at peak times (before and after work) and we were able to book our spots at our leisure. We never had an issue getting into a desired class with FitReserve.

What we didn’t love: There isn’t an unlimited class option for FitReserve so it may not be the best fit for those who aim to workout at a class every day. However, the pricing is tiered depending on how many classes you’re allotted each month: $79 for five classes, $149 for 10 classes, or $249 for 20 classes, which is pricier than competitors. However, some that like to take a smattering of boutique classes may appreciate the flexibility in pricing tiers and it may be arguably worth it to pay up for more optimal class times and a less stressful booking experience.

Below is an overview of some of our favorite studios that we discovered using FitReserve:

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.59.22 PM

NYC editor Ally had always peered curiously into Overthrow New York’s underground boxing studio on walks home to her SoHo apartment and finally threw her gloves in the ring. She immediately was drawn to its bad-ass ambiance; the gritty studio pays homage to its rock-and-roll Bowery roots with a boutique feel. She found that the workout was even better than the vibe. The Underground Boxing & Burn class is a 45 minute sweat session with shadowboxing, bag work, and bootcamp drills with no prior boxing experience required. There’s a mix of guys and girls in the class so bring your beau or keep your eyes peeled for a fitness-focused single.

Ally also felt the burn at Exceed Physical Culture in TriBeCa. She tried the traditional “EXCEED: The Workout” class, which is a circuit-based group class centered around TRX moves. She loved varying her workout with the TRX as well as utilizing a variety of other equipment such as the rowers, medicine balls, and kettlebells. Her instructor was very motivating and she liked that the class size was less than 15 people.

NYC editor Emily is in the throws of planning for a wedding, so she loved the opportunity to combine her workout and her dance lessons with a beginner style club salsa session at Elegance in Dance. The small, partner-based class allowed for some really attentive coaching from the dance instructor, and Emily left her first class feeling like she’d really learned the basics, despite never dancing salsa before.

Emily also really enjoyed her running class at Mile High Run Club on a recent rainy city day, allowing her to get her long mileage for marathon training in without enduring the crappy weather outside. The sleek studio, new treadmills, cool gear, and spa-style locker rooms only enhanced her positive experience, which included a motivational running coach and some cool beats.

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