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Review: Feed Me Menu at Flinders Lane

It was one of those rare pouring-sideways days in NYC. People were sprinting around with half broken umbrellas and rain-soaked sandals like it was the armageddon. Normally, this is a perfect excuse to stay indoors and put on pajamas much earlier than socially acceptable.

I had made exciting dinner plans at Flinders Lane weeks in advance after they invited Bitches Who Brunch in for a tasting, and I wasn’t about to let a storm get in the way of my meal, so I accepted a 2x Uber fare and made my way to Alphabet City.

This cozy little hotspot was incredibly inviting, and not just because it was dry. The small staff greeted us with laser-beam smiles, welcoming us in with a warm demeanor and chatting with us (in their beautiful Aussie accents!) about the story behind the modern Australian fusion menu.

We selected wine from the front of house’s hometown, hungrily eyed the sausage roll special scribbled with chalk over the bar, and left the rest in Chef’s hands with the new “Feed Me” menu. For $60, you get a bargain with 5 of the best courses on the menu. I was pleased I didn’t have to make any decisions, as my brain was still fried from the weekend.

Flinders Lane

First up was the Montauk fluke sashimi with serrano chili, radish, and lemon dressing. This was a nice light crudo, and we liked the subtle heat.

Flinders Lane

Second was Paul’s favorite – the sausage rolls. He took a bite, grinned from ear to ear, and then sadly exclaimed they were better than his homemade rolls at Christmas. They were buttery, flaky, and totally delicious, and I imagine we’ll be back in the near future for rolls and wine.

The diver caught scallops was one of my favorites, adorned with a macadamia-chili relish, braised Hijiki, and Good Water farm greens. I haven’t had a nut relish before, and I loved the flavor this added to the dish.

Flinders Lane

The chicken san ahoi bau (a fancy lettuce wrap) was next, served with bean sprout, water chestnut, and bamboo shoot. I liked the Asian influences in general that are sprinkled through the menu at Flinders Lane, and this dish was no exception.

Flinders Lane

The only dish I couldn’t get behind was the “roo”. As in, kangaroo. I don’t care how beautifully it was cooked. When I think about Australia, I think about cute little kangaroos being carried around in pouches by other cute little kangaroos. Paul and I both approached our first (and last) bite gingerly.

Flinders Lane

Coconut curry laksa was last, and at this point, we could hardly imagine fitting more food in our stomachs. It was a soupy, coconut milk consistency, topped with jumbo lump crab meat, bean sprouts, tofu, and rice noodles. I can’t say no to any kind of coconut curry dish, so I continued eating past the point of feeling ill. It was still worth it.

The Bitches say: A. The meal was fantastic, and I can’t wait to come back for an updated brunch review. The blend of flavors and world cuisines in each dish was really well done, and all of our bites were truly memorable.

Flinders Lane
162 Avenue A
Alphabet City
(212) 228-6900


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