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Review: Drill Fitness

It’s no secret that all of the Bitches love a great sweat session and living in New York we luckily have access to a wide variety of boutique fitness classes. With Pure Barre, treadmill classes, and even underwater cycling, there really is a unique way to get fit for every kind of person.

I keep my finger on the pulse of the latest studio offerings and had heard a lot of buzz about Drill Fitness, a new gym in TriBeCa that offers a few different high intensity aerobic classes, Drill Body: HIIT and FIT, plus Drill Ride, a music driven cycling class.

I eagerly signed up for an after-work FIT class led by Robert Ramsey. It was one of those Mondays where nothing was going my way…intense rain, subway shut downs, and last minute emails. I ran out of my office with not a moment to spare and was about five minutes late to class. I had a brief moment to soak in the clean, industrial studio in the heart of TriBeCa before I was whisked down to the ladies locker room, which I was pleased to see was stocked with all of the amenities from hair ties to deodorant.


One of the most compelling things about Drill is that participants can opt to wear a heart rate monitor during class that tracks vital stats on a large scoreboard in the center of the studio. I am always motivated by a little friendly competition and am a closet data nerd, but unfortunately I felt too pressed for time to strap on a monitor for class. My fellow participants tracked their progress on the board and it’s a helpful feature that makes Drill stand out from other HIIT offerings in the city.

I grabbed a bottle of Smartwater and jumped right into class. I was immediately struck by the male presence in the class; there was pretty much an even split between males and females, which can be rare in the boutique fitness world. Our class has a range of ages and fitness levels, but I would say most participants were in their mid-twenties-early thirties and relatively fit. The intimate group of about 16 individuals were already pushing through a series of bootcamp-esque exercises to a high energy soundtrack when I took my place on the floor.


We huffed and puffed as we followed a list of exercises written on a chalkboard wall, Tabata-style. I liked that I knew exactly what was coming next as I pushed through each series of drills. We ran through combinations of familiar exercises, such as burpees, kettlebell swings, and mountain climbers, using barbells and our own body weight.

The 50-minute class was fast paced with brief water breaks, but the energetic, kind instructor stepped in to explain drills or correct our form when necessary. The combination of motivating music and quick drill changes made the class fly by. We were all dripping in sweat and stretching in no time.


The unisex friendly ambiance of the studio makes this a perfect class to attend with a significant other. I gushed to my CrossFit-loving boyfriend about the experience and how much he would enjoy the class.

I am a regular bootcamp attendee, but still found this class extremely challenging. It reminded me of a blend between CrossFit, Tabata, and bootcamp with its own special twist. The website says participants burn 1,000 calories in one fifty minute class and I can see why, I was sore for days. The combination of intense sculpting and strength training seemed transformative and a Drill Fitness class would be a great way to kick off your 2015 fitness resolutions!

Drill Fitness
136 Church St.
New York, NY
(212) 233-7455


Ally is a Brooklyn-based marketing pro with a passion for food and fitness. You'll most likely find her at her local brunch haunts and coffee shops, always with a book in hand.

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