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Review: Baby Universe at Studio Theatre

A Note from the Bitches: We’re big fans of The Studio Theatre. But, as it’s summer, we were both out of town so we sent our friend Svetlana to view and review the Studio’s latest show, Baby Universe. Here are her thoughts.

In case you were wondering what the deal is with puppets and science at the Studio Theatre, wonder no longer. Go see it for yourself. Baby Universe is delightful.


In short: Baby Universe is humanity’s last hope; after destroying our own planet, our species leverages what we do best (bureaucracy and oversight) to try to create a new universe to save us all. Wakka Wakka Productions’ show pushes beyond environmental concerns, and even beyond the famous 1988 lectures by Stephen Hawking that it was inspired by; and beyond all that, Baby Universe forces us to face our humanity directly, in a funny and entertaining manner (and with puppets, no less).


We went to see the show last weekend, happily enthusiastic about a puppet show at the Studio. Baby Universe proved to be a wild ride, with the kids’ laughter in the audience adding to the richness of the experience. Cool special effects and creative set-ups also get props. But most vivid was the afterwards impression of curiosity and wonderment. The show has masterfully left us with plenty of room for discussion, as we leveraged the Studio’s perfect location in the heart of 14th to work through all the scientific concepts over some dark and stormys.

For tickets, call (202) 332-3300, or visit the website.

The Studio Theatre
1501 14th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.

Svetlana, Guest Bitch

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