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Reno Brunch

My sister travels often for both work, and leisure. Having a job where she works from home, she can essentially work from anywhere, making it very easy for her to skip town for a few days, with her partner in crime, Lennon the puggle. She is at that age where all of her friends are getting married all at once, and is often traveling back home to our native Washington, D.C. for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and weddings galore.

She had been out of town for what felt like a month but in reality was only a little over two weeks. Nonetheless, it felt like ages since I had seen her last, so I was delighted when we set up a Sunday of brunching, and making trips to Home Goods, Target, and Home Depot. She and I are both in the midst of some minor home renovations, so it was a fun day of shopping for the home, with of course a little brunch to kick off our day.

Reno Brunch

There is a part of Chicago where in just one intersection off of North Elston, lie a Target, a Home Goods, a Petsmart and just down the road, a Home Depot. So we had mapped out our day, and decided to grab a bite somewhere near there. The obvious answer was Logan Square. It has started to become increasingly chilly here in Chicago. In fact that morning my sister had encouraged me to wear Uggs, she insisted it was that cold. To both of our surprises it was actually a gorgeous day, with mild temps, and the sun shining brightly.

The farmer’s market in Logan Square is still running, so Logan Square was bustling with crowds of people in every direction, dining outside, perusing the market, and just enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Reno Brunch

Ashley and I decided on a go-to spot of ours, Reno, located right on the corner right past the circle. We have been two or three times in the past, but they carry bagels, and who doesn’t love bagels? Specifically, Old Bay bagels. As Maryland girls, we love us some Old Bay, and that’s just what we were in the mood for.

We figured the wait wouldn’t be as long as some other places, too, which was perfect because we had loads to do that day! Reno was full, but they were able to seat us quickly inside, as there was only on a wait for outside seating.

Reno Brunch

Ashley and I promptly ordered two mimosas. They come in regular glassware as opposed to champagne flutes, which is nice and I am convinced you get a little more bang for your buck. Our mimosas arrived promptly, and Ashley and I decided to go ahead and try the pumpkin doughnut to start, as we still needed time to make executive decisions with our main course. We also were about to order two coffees, until my sister noticed they serve Dark Matter. She hates Dark Matter, as it is quite strong and therefore very bitter. As my neighborhood coffee spot, I have grown accustomed to it, so ultimately we just decided on one cup of coffee.

Reno Brunch

The doughnut came out and it was delicious. For this spot being known for its bagels, the doughnut was equally as yummy. It had a subtle, sweet glaze on top, and it was good to the last bite. The perfect amount of pumpkin spice flavor, and not overly sweet.

Reno Brunch

For our entrees, Ashley went with a bagel breakfast sandwich, made of course, with an Old Bay Bagel. Of the breakfast sandwich offerings, Ashley had chosen the Nando, made with scrambled eggs, chorizo, and white cheddar cheese. She enjoyed her bagel sandwich down the last bite, but she was surprised at the kick it had to it; the chorizo was quite spicy, she said.

Reno Brunch

I opted to go with the basic breakfast of eggs any way, bacon, avocado, and a choice of bread. I went with a sesame bagel. I had asked for my bacon to be extra crispy, because I had seen it come out limp and under cooked to my liking on another patron’s plate. To my unfortunate surprise, my bacon came out and it was essentially burnt. A pretty big disappointment because I love bacon. The parts that weren’t burnt were good, though.

Reno Brunch

Honestly, it was basic and there wasn’t anything special about it, to no surprise. I regretted having gone with this breakfast, as opposed to a wood-fired breakfast pizza. I had feared the pizza would be too big. Unfortunately, my bacon was overcooked and my eggs were under cooked and lukewarm, so it was just a disappointing dish overall.

Ultimately, Reno is a cute, fun, and vibrant spot in Logan Square. They have a simple brunch menu, but they are always packed. The food is good. I recommend just going with your gut and being adventurous with their sandwich or pizza offerings. Steer away from their basic dishes. So don’t go there for a plain bagel, go for the Old Bay bagel!

The Bitches Say: B-. Reno is a fun spot with some hits and some misses. This spot is perfect for a fast, casual, quick and easy brunch in Logan. We love that they have an Old Bay bagel, and are adventurous with their breakfast sandwich offerings.

2607 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL
(773) 697-4234


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