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Regards to Edith Brunch

In Chicago, it often feels like a new restaurant opens every five minutes. And in the West Loop neighborhood specifically, it seems like a new one opens every five seconds.

Regards to Edith opened in October last year and has been gaining attention for its unique dinner menu and classic bar ever since. But in December the restaurant added its weekend brunch to the mix. Great news for us Bitches!

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I invited my brother and his girlfriend on a rainy Sunday, and as we gathered while waiting for a table, the two of them quickly disclosed their biggest question, “Where does the name of this restaurant come from?”

It is a great question, and one that I, too, asked the bartender the first time I visited for dinner. As we sat down at the table and ordered three black coffees, we also inquired about the meaning behind the name.

Regards to Edith Brunch
Our server kindly explained that the owner had, at some point in time, acquired a photograph of heavyweight boxer Kingfish Levinsky on which the boxer had simply signed “Regards to Edith” in the upper left-hand corner.

The actual photo sits proudly atop the bar in the front of the restaurant. Still, no one is exactly sure who the mysterious Edith is, but the restaurant creators like to believe that Edith was a love interest of the boxers and a master in the kitchen; cooking up delicious cuisine from jewish, polish and italian traditions. And today, the chefs at Regards to Edith used this story as inspiration to create the unique, yet ever so tasty menu.

We decided to treat ourselves to some special beverages on this rainy Sunday morning, as all good brunchers do. My brother ordered the the Bloody Mary, and his girlfriend decided on the Coffee Frappe, a mix of aged rum, Guajillo chile, coconut milk and cacao – yum!

Regards to Edith Brunch

I decided that I would just sip from both of theirs, as all good little sisters do. The Bloody was simple, nothing too fancy, but delicious. I personally am not the biggest Bloody fan as I don’t love spicy things, so considering that I enjoyed it might not speak volumes to the regular Bloody consumer.

But the Coffee Frappe was delicious. It was blended to perfection with the perfect amount of rum to take away that rainy winter chill.

The menu is quite an adventure. The plates portion of the menu leaves little to no room for your basic Benedict brunch order, but at the same time it doesn’t leave you feeling lost in the brunch dark. Instead you feel comforted by plates that your Grandmother might have only made on special holidays, or meals that your parents tell you tales about from their childhood.

Regards to Edith Brunch

The three of us were so intrigued and excited by all of the different options we decided to order one thing each and an additional plate for the table to share.

I selected the L.E.O., soft scrambled eggs, lox, melted leeks, chive schmear, all on an everything bagel. I don’t understand people who can turn down lox on an everything bagel. The scrambled eggs were light and fluffy with the perfect ratio of lox mixed in. But the true treat came in the form of salmon roe, piled atop the eggs. Now roe might not be for everyone, but to me they are an excellent addition, providing just the right amount of salty.

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My brother ordered the Lamb Crepinette, a potato pancake, tzatziki, cucumber relish and a sunny egg. His girlfriend decided upon the perogies, because she like me has very strict beliefs about food and is a connoisseur of perogies. Mostly because she was raised by her polish grandmother who made sure they always had fresh made perogies on hand. These perogies surely did not disappoint and the sausage complimented wonderfully, along side of the yolk of the soft boiled egg that you can be sure we took full advantage of.

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For the table we ordered the Fried Chicken Biscuit, a buttermilk biscuit with hot pickles, sunny egg and chicken gravy. Holy moly, we couldn’t resist!

As each plate arrived at the table the three of us became giddy with excitement as the plating of every dish was simply beautiful. Displayed on antique china, they really made sure to pull the entire experience together, making you feel as though you’re enjoying a meal prepared with a lot of TLC.

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We all tasted a bit from one another plates, and I don’t mean to be a complete mush, but there wasn’t one thing I didn’t like. All of the yolks on the sunny eggs broke with Boomarang-able perfection, and the fried chicken was as wonderfully crispy on the outside as it was moist on the inside.

Unfortunately, the one area that I was not thrilled with was the service. It certainly improved as the meal went on, but initially it was lacking. It took quite a while to be seated and our server did forget to bring our coffee to the table. However, considering they have only been serving brunch for three weeks, I have to hope and assume that things will only get better from here!

The Bitches Say: A-. We loved the experience and the food, and we hope the service improves with time.

Regards to Edith

Regards to Edith serves brunch Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM to 3PM.

Julie Strand

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