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Sausage Bake & Bacon Pretzel Bloody Marys

When you’re a Bitch like me, you work a lot. Some of that “work” involves brunching, taking fashion photos, and attending fun events, like sample sales, book signings, and restaurant openings. Do what you love, as they say.

There’s also plenty that’s not so fun—business taxes, invoices, management, etc. But, we consider ourselves lucky.

When I was home in Florida for Christmas break, I vowed to take a break from the rough stuff and the incessant emails and relax a little. But, as I like to stay productive, I wanted to create fun content for the site. Brunch and fashion content are easier for me—but culinary content is another story. This is because I am utterly clueless when you put me in a kitchen.

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As I knew I needed help, I to call in the troops: my parents.

“I’m going to make bacon pretzel Bloody Marys,” I pronounced one morning from the couch. “I think they’d be fun and our BWB readers would like the recipe.”

“There’s no way you can make those,” replied my Daddo, who is normally my biggest supporter.

“Wanna bet?” I replied. “There will be Bloody Marys at the end, if you promise to help me!”

“Oh, Bloody Marys, I’m in,” he replied. And, this is how I roped my family into cooking brunch together all in the name of Bitches.

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I’ve judged Bloody Mary competitions that included a few with bacon pretzel straws, most notably some from Jack Rose that were out of this world. I assumed they would be difficult to make, but with a little organization, they are actually super easy.

For the pretzel straws, I found and adapted a recipe from Pinterest. And for our Bloodys, we used Demetri’s Bloody Mary mix, a blend from the West Coast that we love and now sell in the Bitches Who Brunch Shop.

We paired our bacon Bloody Marys with another super easy recipe: sausage bake, which my Mom makes each Christmas break. She prepares the bake in a 13X9 pan the night before, and pops it in the oven in the morning.  Forty-five minutes later, the sausage bake comes out of the oven—hot and delicious—and serves half a dozen people.

These recipes are a great way to pull together a hearty, yummy brunch with 15-20 minutes planning the night before and less than an hour in the morning.

Recipe: Bacon Pretzel Bloody Marys

– Demetri’s Bloody Mary mix, available in the Bitches Shop.
– Tomato Juice
– Vodka
– Celery
– Pretzel rods
– One pack of bacon
– Cayenne
– 2 cups brown sugar

SausageBake&BloodyMarys 24

1. Heat oven to 375. While waiting, make Demetri’s Bloody Marys, available in the Bitch shop.
2. Line baking tray with aluminum foil or use disposable aluminum sheet. Lay pretzel rods on sheet
3. Unwrap bacon and place on large plate.

SausageBake&BloodyMarys 34

4. Mix cayenne and brown sugar together
5. Toss bacon in cayenne and brown sugar mix. Carefully roll bacon around each rod.

SausageBake&BloodyMarys 28

6. Bake at 375 for 12-15 minutes, watching carefully. Let cool and serve in a Bloody Mary!

SausageBake&BloodyMarys 45

Recipe: Cindy Sue’s Sausage Bake

– 13×9 baking dish
– 6 slices bread
– 1 lb. Jimmy Deans hot sausage cooked and crumbled
– 3 cups colby/jack or cheddar/jack cheese
– 8 beaten eggs
– 2 1/2 cups half and half
– Salt and pepper

SausageBake&BloodyMarys 2


1. Remove crusts from bread and butter them.
2. Place in greased baking dish and set aside
2. Cook sausage until lightly browned. Drain well on paper towels
3. Spread sausage over bread slices
4. Cover with cheese
5. In large bowl combine eggs. 1/2 and 1/2 and salt and pepper
6. Mix well
7. Pour eggs over cheese and chill over night covered!
8. In the morning, remove from fridge half hour before baking.
9. Bake uncovered at 350 for 45 minutes to 1 hour—should be lightly browned.
Do not over cook, or it will be rubbery.
10. Serve with hot salsa and fruit or even Maple syrup. Enjoy!

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