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Recap: Tiny Jewel Box Wedding Party

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BitchBiz  Brought to you by Tiny Jewel Box

I’ve never understood the saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” I feel it’s more of a reflection of Marilyn Monroe’s tragic lack of gal pals than a testament to precious stones as companions.

But admiring diamonds with your best friend? That is a method of bonding I comprehend.

On the first blustery fall day of 2013 I bundled up and made my way to Tiny Jewel Box for a date with my bride-to-be Bitch, Kylie. TJB, as I have affectionately dubbed it, is housed in an adorable column in South Dupont, easily recognized by the glittering window displays and cheerful red awnings.

photo 4

Ky and I were attending TJB’s first Wedding Event. My blonde companion was in search of bridal accessories and bridesmaid gifts; I could tell you I was hoping to do some early holiday gifting reconnaissance but does a girl really need an excuse to try on extravagant jewelry? I think not.

TJB is a Washington, D.C., institution, providing residents (including multiple White House inhabitants) with jewelry and custom gifts since 1930. These people know their rocks, so it was only appropriate that they opened their doors to the District’s brides (and their friends, ahem) for an entire weekend.

photo 1

We entered the store and were greeted by an old friend and in-house accessorizing genius Erika. She magically made two glasses of bubbly appear and gave us a lay of the land (which, I might add, was pristine but also warm and welcoming).

While Ky received some expert wedding band advice from designer jeweler and event guest Mark Patterson, I adorned myself with amazing turquoise danglies by Penny Preville. Taking them off resulted in a major case of separation anxiety, but I was quickly distracted by the tray of wedding-themed desserts presented for consumption.


Erika swept us upstairs to peruse two perfectly curated floors of unique home décor items and gifts. I made a mental note of the cheeky throw pillows, classic weekend bags and jewelry rolls, all available in a variety of colors and price points. Tables displaying gorgeous centerpieces and wedding cakes were spread out amid the counter tops. A true dream come true for brides and frosted baked good lovers (Kylie and I, respectively) alike.

After sneaking upstairs to check out the collection of presidential gifts prepared by TJB masterminds, Kylie and I took our last sip of champagne, gave one more longing look to the opulent gems and re-bundled. Baubles, blooms and bubbly proved to be the perfect combination for a lovely Saturday outing.

photo 2

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