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Recap: The Generous Pour at The Capital Grille

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It was the evening before my love was to leave me—yet again—for another trip half-way around the globe. Such is life dating a man with a government job. Le sigh.

Because we’re disgustingly romantic, we decided to have that final meal together at The Capital Grille. But, this was not just any run-of-the-mill-steak-and-wine night at the chain. Oh, no. The restaurant had invited us especially to try their “Generous Pour,” which launched earlier this month.

Capital Grille Generous Pour

I didn’t know what I was in for. Imagine nine world-class and limited-vintage varietals on your table, hand-selected by a sommelier, along with courses and courses of delicious food. It was extravagantly gluttonous. But that’s pure romance to me.

The best part was our lovely server, Frances, who guided us through every single pour, explaining why they were chosen, why they’re amazing, and asking us what we thought of each. We listening attentively, but secretly traded glasses with one another when we figured out our personal favorites.

The food was The Capital Grille’s amazing standards, including filet mignon, dry aged sirloin, planked salmon, and their famous lobster mac n’ cheese on the side. The dinner also gets you an amuse of smoked salmon chips, an appetizer, and dessert (I told you it was gluttonous).

But the wine was the star of the evening, and there was lots of it poured, including the Conn Creek Anthology, Cabernet, 2007, which was a rich and creamy wine that complemented the dry aged steak.Also, the Ferrari-Carano Mountain Reserve, Cabernet, 2008, which is an exclusive debut at the restaurant. It was also the perfect accompaniment to Kona Crusted Dry Age Sirloin.

Another two that I adored were the Simčič, Rebula, 2008/09, an organic white wine that was the perfect companion to the appetizers. Also, the Villa Mt. Eden Grand Reserve, Pinot Noir, 2007, which was silky and smooth and great with the Cedar Planked Salmon.

The Generous Pour is only $25 per person. The dinner is not included in that. They’re pouring until Sept. 9.

Bitches disclaimer: This meal was totally comped, and we will always—always, always—let you know when our meals are.

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  1. Okay, I thought when I read this that it was too good to be true- $25 per person for dinner plus wine?!? But I figured out that you must mean that its $25 for wine, as long as you order dinner (at least that’s what their website seems to say). Which is still a good deal for 9 glasses of wine, but you do have to order a dinner (for their regular dinner prices). Right?

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