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Recap: Super Grains dinner with Kat Pummill at Red Door Kitchen

I’ve always been a healthy eater. Even when I was younger, I would always choose apples and peanut butter over chips. However, I experienced an unwanted shift in my diet when I became allergic to a variety of foods about ten years ago.

Between cross-contamination and hidden ingredients in foods, I have become acutely aware of the food that I eat whether I’m at home or out at a restaurant. By having a restricted diet, I am always looking for foods and ingredients that pack nutritional punches.


Recently, my friend, Kat Pummill, who is a health coach, yoga teacher, and wellness and fitness blogger, invited me to a Super Grains dinner she was co-hosting at the Red Door Kitchen. I knew this would not only be a great time to catch up with Kat but also a great opportunity to learn about some super foods I can incorporate into my diet.


The dinner was five courses and was prepared by the owner and head chef, Troy Graves. As each course was served, Kat took the time to talk about the health benefits of every “super grain” and easy ways to incorporate them into our diets. Some of the grains I had never even heard of, like: Amaranth and Freekeh. All the dishes were delicious and with the wealth of knowledge Kat provided, it made me want to go to Whole Foods and buy out their grain stock.


My favorite dish was the black barley and watermelon salad that Troy prepared. It had me dreaming of summer with its chunks of watermelon, fresh mint, and a sweet balsamic vinegar—I plan on making this all the time!

I left the dinner feeling full in body and in mind. Eating smarter is a big goal of mine in 2016, and these super grains will make that even easier.

Red Door Kitchen and Bar
2118 North Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 697-7221


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