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Recap: Spilled Milk Tasting

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We Bitches love food. But, despite our “Bitches in the Kitchen” posts, we are, in actuality, rarely in the kitchen. We prefer to let others do the work and then judge them for it, despite our rampant inability to do it ourselves. Sounds fair, right?

This means we restaurant hop from power lunches to happy hours to dinner to brunch with reckless abandon. However, there is another food territory, beyond restaurants, that we’ve not explored—catering companies.

Last week, I attended the preview for Spilled Milk Catering, a spectacular catering company owned by three friends—Amit, Raj, and James—with desserts being provided by the pastry chef Jenna Huntsberger of Modern Domestic and Whisked.

Photo credit: Spilled Milk

Before I dig into the food—as I did literally that evening—let me just say how lovely the folks behind Spilled Milk are. They are all genuinely kind and welcoming people. I’m sure working with them would be an equally pleasant experience.

Now, to the food. Most of the treats we sampled were miniature—perfect for cocktail parties. As someone who regularly attends cocktail parties and struggles to balance the plate-napkin-fork-cocktail combination, I really appreciate bite size bits that enable ease of snacking.

Photo credit: Spilled Milk

There were plenty of delicious, vegetarian options, most notably the mac n’ cheese lollipops served with a tangy mustard sauce, caprese salad skewers with a basil balsamic vinaigrette, and endive boats served with Roquefort cheese, candied pecans, red onions, and a vidalia onion vinaigrette.

What I enjoyed most, however, were the lobster sliders and the “tuna ice cream cones,” a spicy tuna tartare served in a wonton cone. I love an innovative take on junk food—and Spilled Milk’s lobster sliders are just that. They were packed with flavor, topped with tarragon potato chips and served on a fluffy bun. Seriously amazing.

Photo credit: Spilled Milk

While I didn’t have the burgers, which were topped with Tabasco fried leeks, secret sauce and applewood-smoked bacon, my carnivorous date loved them and the spicy lamb lollipops, which were apparently very spicy.

Photo credit: Spilled Milk

We concluded with a sampling of Jenna’s various mini desserts. First off, the blueberry and lemon cheesecake squares were moist, rich and crumbly and literally melt in your mouth. Hazelnut truffle cake pops were both cute and extremely rich—I love hazelnut truffles.

Photo credit: Spilled Milk

The last, and most spectacular thing we sampled were Jenna’s mini goat cheese ice cream sandwiches with gingerbread. I’ve eaten dessert at restaurants all over town, and I can honestly say these sandwiches are one of the most amazing desserts I’ve ever eaten. Rich, creamy goat cheese ice cream sandwiched between moist soft gingerbread with hints of pepper.

Long story short, next time you plan an event—call up the gang at Spilled Milk Catering.

Spilled Milk
(202) 525-6455
[email protected]

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