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Recap: Mischo Beauty Launch Party

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I hate painting my nails. There, I said it, and it feels so good to get that off of my chest.

I’ve tried everything to achieve a manicure that is free of smudges and chipped corners—top coats, bottom coats, gel manicures, “Hard as Diamonds” polish, “Hard as Nails” polish, “This Manicure Will Survive the Apocalypse” polish, but somehow they all fail me.


A polish that offers its wearer both longevity and versatility is a rare find, but somehow I found it in the streets of D.C. After weaving my way through rush hour traffic, I scooped my best friend Whitney up from work and headed to the Mischo Beauty Launch event at Toka Salon in Georgetown.

When we arrived, we were quickly guided near the back of the salon where all of the action was. The centerpiece of the room was a mini bar stocked with miniature champagne bottles and dozens of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for guests to enjoy. It was boldly decorated with countless black balloons, tassel garland, and white hydrangeas.

Ladies from throughout the District huddled in the middle of the room conversing over bubbly and cupcakes while waiting for their chance to receive a complimentary manicure. Inspired by New York Fashion Week, the Fall/Autumn line of Mischo Beauty Luxury Lacquers includes such aptly named hues as, “The Tents,” “Lincoln Center,” and my personal favorite, “Backstage Beauty.”


It was very difficult for me to choose my favorite shade, but I ultimately decided to go with “Backstage Beauty,” a vampy red that’s perfect for the season. The manicurist quickly moved from nail to nail painting on a base coat, then two coats of color, and finally a top coat. The speed by which it was done made my head spin, and I knew it was just a matter of minutes before my red polish ended up everywhere rendering me a one-woman massacre.

Lo and behold, no more than a few minutes after getting out of the chair did I have a fully dry, beautiful manicure. “This must be a fluke!” I thought. It was almost too good to be true.


I moved to the makeshift photo booth set up in another corner of the salon to showcase my new manicure. It was perfect, yet I was still a little skeptical and kept holding out my hands as if I couldn’t touch anything. Finally, the moment of truth was upon us. I dreaded reaching inside my purse to retrieve my keys, but miraculously didn’t suffer a single scratch, chip, or wrinkle in my polish!

Whitney and I nibbled on the last of our cupcakes and sipped the last of our champagne before heading back into the evening cold feeling a little bit more polished than when we came.

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