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Recap: Maison Kayser Opening Bash

I know, I know; Maison Kayser is a chain. But it’s a chain of the best kind—reliably around the corner in Manhattan when you need a delicious coffee, a pit stop, or a pastry.

It’s also adorably authentic, as if each location is its own neighborhood bakery. I often find myself popping in for a box of gorgeous artistic pastries to bring to a party (always a hit, along with a bottle of bubbles).

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Well, the chain is spreading in the New York area beyond our little island. The French boulangerie opened its first Brooklyn location last night and celebrated with a cocktail party. I was there, of course.

Guests filled the railroad-style cafe and bakery, crowding around a three-piece jazz band and admiring the pastries. The mood was festive—Eric Kayser himself was in attendance, welcoming people at the door.


If you share my weakness for carbs, you might consider Kayser a God of bread. Coming from four generations of French bakers, Kayser has perfected his baking technique to the point where he spent a decade teaching at the French national school of bakers.

Maison Kayser has locations around the world now, but this spot in the heart of Brooklyn is a particularly charming one. Hope you’ll visit when you’re in the neighborhood.

140909 Baguettes

Maison Kayser
57 Court Street
Brooklyn NY 11201

For other locations, click here.


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