Recap: Intermix Relaunch Party

The Bitches go to a lot of parties here in Washington. Whether it’s an opening for this, a charity gala for that, a relaunch for this, or a party to benefit that, there is an event for everything nowadays. My days and evenings seem to run together: similar crowds, similar locations, similar faces.

“First world problems,” I can hear you chirping in your head. Alas, it’s true, this awful existence that involves too many parties. Recently, however, the Aba Agency threw a rockin’ relaunch party for Intermix, the chic, edgy high fashion boutique, at its new location, which is, a mere two blocks away from the original location.

The two Bitches and Baby Bitch were sure to attend, once we read that Passion Pit was spinning at the soiree.  We entered through security at the door (security? at a clothing store? well, alright) and the new space was filled with beautiful, fashionable people, the likes of whom I’ve never seen in Washington.

“Where did these people come from?” said Becca. “They look like they’ve been imported from New York.” True, compared to the preppy attire and poorly fitted suits typically seen at Washington’s after work events, these folks were dressed impeccably chic, clad in lots of black and lots of leather with lots of lust-worthy it bag hanging on their arms.

Aba does throw a spectacular fashion fete, she was also responsible for the Rag & Bone opening party.

The folks from L2 were on-hand crafting cocktails: a light, refreshing cucumber vodka martini and a sweet apple cinnamon fall punch.

Last but not least, two of the Passion Pit clan were spinning, and ignoring the adoring fans, no matter how fashionable, that plugged them for access to the following evening’s concert or the after party.

3300 M Street N.W.
Washington, D.C.

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