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Recap: Great Big Bacon Picnic

This Sunday, Paul and I had quite the day, all centered around the Great Big Bacon Picnic in Williamsburg, a three-hour celebration of the best bacon dishes and cocktails the city has to offer. I couldn’t think of a better way to make up the calories I’d burned off in the Brooklyn Half Marathon the day before – it was the ultimate Brooklyn weekend!


After an interesting walk through the non-hipster area of Williamsburg and a tricky maneuver around some anti-bacon protestors, we were greeted by the sweet tunes of a jamming brass band and the scent of food trucks. The event was hosted in the Pfizer Factory, an old massive building that was perfect for the tasting.


The picnic had both indoor and outdoor space, and we spent the first 30 minutes enjoying the sun. There was a whiskey tasting in an RV, a few food trucks, a mock grass area with picnic tables and blankets, and a VIP shaded section with drinks. The standout outside was the bacon bar, a serve-yourself bar full of various bite-sized samples of bacon. It was a perfect palate starter for the main event.


Walking inside the factory, we found ourselves in front of two long rows of food vendors, each adorning signs and table set ups with various bacon creations. There were over 100 chefs, brew masters, and distillers showering attendees with unlimited bacon, extraordinary spirits & local craft beers.


I sampled everything from a smoked bacon stuffed oreo from URBO to a tuna bacon truffle sushi roll from Streets. The sushi was a standout for its originality, and I wasn’t surprised when it won judges awards for deliciousness and creativity.


The oreo was something I would buy on the reg. It wasn’t an overwhelming bacon flavor, but it was enough to keep you on your toes. We recently interviewed the head chef at URBO for our Bitch At Us column who gave us a “behind the scenes” look into the dish he prepared. Check it out here.


I liked the bacon gruyere mini scone from Tip of the Tongue; I could easily picture this paired with an Eggs Benedict for brunch.


There were quite a few variations of hot dogs with bacon, but my favorite was the “cowboy dog” from Dog House, served with caramelized onions, house made BBQ, pickled chipotle, crispy bacon, and a cheddar bratwurst sausage. Big NOM to anything stuffed with cheese and topped with bacon.


My favorite of everything was the Maple Bacon Welsh Rarebit, which was essentially a fancy grilled cheese, with melted cheeses, artisan bread, and candied bacon. It had a bit of spice and was totally addicting. Paul kept sneaking back for seconds.


There was also a plethora of ciders, liquors, and beers to whet the palate in between the bites. This was much needed, as most of the dishes were very heavy.


Overall, the event was really well orchestrated. I’ve attended quite a few larger food events like this and they were way too crowded and totally picked through. This event seemed to be the best-planned of any, with the most ideal┬áspace set up and no bottlenecks. Everything we tasted was very high quality and there was a great variety of vendors. I would absolutely recommend this to fellow bacon lovers.


For more information on the participants and winners, as well as other events in your area, check out the event website.


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