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Recap: Good Cider

Last week, Edible Manhattan hosted its first ever Good Cider event, highlighting talented cider purveyors and their delicious pours. We arrived at Tribeca 360 at 7 and the event was in full swing, with hordes of people circling tables for bites and booze.


The venue itself was gorgeous, offering sweeping 360 views of the sun setting over the Hudson River. My phone pics couldn’t do the setting the justice it deserved, but it was beautiful.


As per the usual Edible event, crowds were..crowded. It was hard to maneuver with tasting glasses and small plates through the throngs of people blocking the walkways, but it was worth pushing through to get to the goods.


We found that the tables with the least crowds were the food, which I guess made sense given the cider aficionados, but I was hungry with a capital H so we did our food tour first, hitting up Gramercy Tavern’s cured pork loin with slaw and creamy aoili. Am I the only who thought this tasted like a glorified hot dog? It was obviously awesome and I was happy to taste it before they ran out shortly thereafter.


Other notable food items included the butternut squash flatbread from the Cleaver & Co, which had a perfect amount of goat cheese and sweet squash, and Untamed Sandwich’s “Hot Goldie” with beef short rib, cabbage and a creamy black pepper aioli, which was messy but worth it. Paul went back for seconds on the Ancient Grain Kamut Radiatori from Pazzi Pasta.

I have to admit, I came here knowing nothing about cider. I had no idea there were so many brands out there, all with different processes and methods to produce their first-class products. I didn’t expect to enjoy the tastings as much as I did. I found that some ciders were as light as champagne, where others were as sweet as dessert wine.

Of the variety I tried, my favorite was the Ginger Cider from Nine Pin. I love ginger and it paired so well with the cider flavor. I saw this combo at a few different tables, but Ginger was still my favorite.


Another top contender was the Bad Seed. It was so light that I referred to it as “water cider” for its easy drinking. The packaging was also really different, and I told them I’d look out for it in stores.

I liked pretty much everything I tried, from food to cider, and appreciated the opportunity to expand my cider palette at another fun Edible event.


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