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Recap: Gold Cup Fashion

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Note from Becca: Gwo, one of my dearest friends, has a men’s style blog in D.C. Here he offers his thoughts (and beautiful photography) on the fashion at Saturday’s Virginia Gold Cup.

Last Saturday was my very first Gold Cup. I had heard about it before, but this year a big group of friends (namely, Becca and her Bitches) dragged me along for the fun. It was great. We rented a tent, a bus, and had it catered. At first, this might sound a bit extravagant, but it turns out this formula is just par for the course.

20110507 Gold Cup VA 691

There were more 50,000 people at the steeplechase races on Saturday. This huge crowd was dressed in spring’s best, too. I loved it: the amazing array of dresses, suits, shoes, and colorful hats and accessories on both genders. While the steeplechase horse race was the main event, it did seem that most of the crowd was there to party and tailgate, and parade around in their finest clothes, of course.

20110507 Gold Cup VA 491

Our group covered the spectrum of what you would see throughout the event. Bright colors, linen, and seersucker were the prevailing themes. And, of course, you have to love the hats. Being a dancer in the funk scene, I’m no stranger to wearing fedoras, newsboys, apple caps, and derby’s. As a result, I actually opted out of wearing a hat on Saturday. But the hats that I did see were truly spectacular.

20110507 Gold Cup VA 179

The sun was shining, and it made all the colors on the clothes come alive. People definitely allowed themselves great artistic license at the Gold Cup to wear whatever they wanted. Gone were the darks and monochromatic colors of winter. Instead, men were walking around with brightly colored checked pants and jackets. Have a pair of pink and green checked grandpa pants hiding in the back of your wardrobe? The Gold Cup is the day to proudly display them.

20110507 Gold Cup VA 506

Our group didn’t fail in the color department. There was one wardrobe duplication incident, but rather than it be any sort of awkward situation, it just resulted in twice the fun—and twice the funny photos. For my part, I decided to go with seersucker. This year is designated as the year of the suit for me. I just recently finished out my spring and summer suiting section of my wardrobe, and this seersucker suit for the Gold Cup was part of that effort.

20110507 Gold Cup VA 211

There’s a trick to being “dressed up” that I think many people don’t embrace: You don’t have to be stiff about it. They’re just clothes. You can hang out and relax in them the same way you would jeans and a T-shirt. But, you look great, and you’re having fun being dressed up with friends at a horse race. So, why not?

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