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Recap: Diner en Blanc NYC

Let’s all collectively admit it: This summer has been brutally hot in New York. Any chance to escape from the heat of Manhattan’s concrete, we’ll take it.

So when we learned about the location of this year’s Diner en Blanc in New York, we were thrilled that we might get a bit of a breeze with our dinner. Never heard of Diner en Blanc? Check out our interview with the co-founder, Sandy Safi, here.

Diner en Blanc NYC

The top-secret spot (held in confidence until the very last minute by team leaders) was Pier 26, which meant we not only had the backdrop of a beautiful sunset over Jersey, the twinkling lights from the Freedom Tower just above us, but also the breeze from sitting on top of the Hudson River. Diner en Blanc NYC

The lines and lines of white tables and chairs began right at the tip of the pier. Before long, the entire space was packed, leaving only a square for a dance floor, complete with DJ and a live band. We popped into the media lounge, where Chef Todd English was cooking up the most incredible bites.

Diner en Blanc NYC

Diner en Blanc is the prime event for New York people-watching. Attendees go to great lengths to impress. The table settings alone were gorgeous (let’s not even talk about the outfits!). Some groups even went so far as to assemble entire table overhangs with lights and decorations–even live birds.

The dinner officially started once the elaborate tables had been set and the diners ceremoniously waved their white cloth napkins above their heads. Everyone immediately tucked into their impressive spreads and thousands bottles of wine were uncorked. Diner en Blanc NYC

After about 45 minutes of eating and drinking, the sun had set and we were captivated by our unparalleled view of the NYC skyline. By this time, enough beverages had been consumed that the revelers hit the dance floor. Diner en Blanc NYC

At first, everyone moved and grooved to some live music, which transitioned to a deep European house DJ as the night progressed. At this point, Diner en Blanc was a full-on rager with thousands of party goers dancing in the warm summer air.

We swigged a few more glasses of Perrier-Jouët champagne and snapped a few more pictures of the skyline before heading home. It was a Tuesday night after all. We left a full pier of New Yorkers to close down the celebrations long into the night. Diner en Blanc NYC

Diner en Blanc was definitely an experience and a major check off our bucket list. Great music, food, and a true New York ambiance plus people watching that couldn’t be beat.

For more information about Diner en Blanc and to get on the 2016 waitlist, click here.


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