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Recap: Cross Town Fitness Trainer Duo Event

The Bitches partnered with Jawbone to launch #FitBitches, where the editors in each city write about what they’re doing to stay active this winter.


I had the chance to meet and brunch with the ladies from FitCity Blondes last November, and we hit it off immediately. Jeannie, one of the Chicago FitCity Blondes, graciously invited me to a private media event at Cross Town Fitness.

Media people working out? Sounds like fun, and I couldn’t imagine they’d put us through the wringer. Oh, I was wrong.


Cross Town Fitness is all about high-intensity, interval training that increases your endurance and strength. This is not the kind of exercise I normally do—I prefer ellipticals, light free weights, pilates, and yoga. As you can imagine, I just about died in this class.

The event was to showcase the new Trainer Duo class, where there are two instructors in each class, allowing for all the attendees to have more personalized attention. This also means less time to slack off, or even catch your breath.


After 50 minutes of squats, rowers, push-ups, and hamstring curls, Jeannie and I looked at one another, amazed at how fast the class went by—but also at our inability to move. Thankfully, there were salads, sandwiches, and beverages provided by Go Grocer to help us refuel.


If you are looking for a fun, intense workout that pushes and challenges you, then Cross Town Fitness has you covered. This #FitBitch highly recommends it.

Cross Town Fitness
3600 N Halsted St.
Chicago, IL 60613
(312) 550-9923


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