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Recap: Commissary’s 12 Days of Christmas

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Commissary, our neighborhood outpost, has been celebrating 12 Days of Christmas with a series of specials. Commissary is great because the prices are cheap, the food is local and high-quality, and the location is convenient. It’s not gourmet, but the food hits the spot and the wine list isn’t half bad. (Go for the lettuce wraps.)

So, when I caught wind that one of the 12 Days featured $5 burgers (burgers!) and another featured sugar cookies (cookies!), I made moves to partake in both. In the spirit of Christmas, naturally.

Commissary Burger Recap 29

Since I started eating meat again, I’ve become a burger monster. I can’t get enough of them. I have no idea what’s come over me. I’m a small person eating burgers bigger than my face and I’ve never been happier. Burgers, bring em on. With bacon and cheese, please.

I met up with another Cori, Kori, of ‘Chups ketchup for lunch. As the saying goes, on the fifth day of Christmas, two Coris had $5 burgers.

Chups is a local, women-owned business that makes fruit-based, savory ketchups. Kori is a hilarious, stunning blonde around my age. I’m always keen to encounter fellow female entrepreneurs—whether they’re into brunch or French fries makes no difference. Plus, the two go well together.

Commissary Burger Recap 8

After I got over the fact she spells her name with a “K,” Kori and I got along like ketchup and French fries. (It’s just too easy.)

We ordered an enormous bowl of piping hot, hand-cut French fries and proceeded to dip. Kori brought along a sample pack of ‘Chups, which included plum, pumpkin, cherry, cranberry, and mango. They were delicious—and savory. Each ketchup is made with vinegar and a special blend of spices—each one tastes different and great on French fries. Personally, I was a huge fan of the pumpkin, plum, and cherry varietals.

Commissary Burger Recap 18

The cherry ketchup was delicious slathered across my bacon cheddar burger, which by the way was top notch. I’ve been eating a bunch of burgers lately and the one at Commissary was no-fuss, delicious quality.

Commissary Burger Recap 14

There are two remaining days of the 12 Days of Christmas. Today is takeout tuesday with 20% off your to-go orders all day long and tomorrow is bottomless booze. Bottomless booze sounds right up our alley, with all-you-can-imbibe mimosas and Bloodys until 7 p.m.  Sounds like a great way to round out the holidays, Bitches.

1443 P St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 299-0018


Author: Cori Sue

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