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Recap: Chicago Sport and Social Sunday Kickball League

All of the Chicago Bitches have busy schedules. Sometimes we can go months without seeing one another. However, thanks to Chicago Sport and Social, the Chicago team have been able to get together and enjoy sunshine, fresh air, and of course, brunch.

We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Chicago Sport and Social (once again) for this spring’s Sunday kickball league. It’s been the perfect way to bring winter to a close and put a spring in our step. While some of the games have been earlier than we have wanted to be awake on a Sunday, we relish in the opportunity to get together.

Plus, who doesn’t want to relive their middle school glory days by relearning how to play kickball? The first game I played, I honestly felt like it was a major throwback to gym class, and I loved it! Win or lose, we know a mimosa (or two) will cure anything. Plus, brunch and Sunday are what make it a “funday”.

Two of our favorite Bitch-approved restaurants signed on to partner with us. Benchmark, which offers complimentary mimosas to players and boasts an epic bottomless buffet, and Old Town Social, with its delicious pretzel bites, epic burgers, and $20 pitchers of sangria—yes, please!

Personally, I know I am going to continue to play with Chicago Sport and Social, as my friends and I have registered for the beach volleyball league this summer. I’m psyched to stay in the Chicago Sport and Social family, and certainly can’t wait for the Bloody Mary Fest and Bitches Who Brunch, part two!

Check out our Brunch and Kickball Guide with other brunch spots near the Lincoln Park fields!

Bitch Biz: Chicago Sport & Social and Bitches Who Brunch partnered on this post. While this post was written independently by us, we did receive compensation from the company.


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