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Recap: Cava Mezze Cocktail Reveal

One of my favorite things about summer is the ability to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine on a rooftop patio sipping on creative cocktails with my gal pals. A favorite locale of mine, Cava Mezze, recently rolled out its summer cocktail menu and, in parallel, revealed its hidden gem: a roof deck complete with a bar.

Cava Cocktail Tasting9

The baked goods goddess that is Nikki Rapport of Cupcakes for Breakfast happens to moonlight (actually, daylight) as one of Cava Mezze’s marketing team members and invited the Bitches in to sample the drinks at a small gathering on the patio. After working my normal nine-to-five on a particularly beautiful summer day, this tasting was more than welcome.

Cava Cocktail Tasting10

My long-time Bitch and cohort, Lesley, accompanied me to the tasting. We arrived to find the patio buzzing with bloggers. Immediately , we dumped our bags on a nearby bench and saddled up to the bar to take in a few, new concoctions.

Cava Cocktail Tasting13

The menu featured everything from gin drinks to tequila and all the cocktails in between. Because I’m particularly fond of gin, I had to try the gin blossom cocktail made with Botanist gin, Carpano Antica vermouth, lemon, and hibiscus. Lesley opted for the Trinidad Swizzle, made with Angostura 1919 rum, vanilla-infused Angostura bitters, hibiscus-infused Cointreau, St. Elisabeth’s allspice dram, lime, and mint. While the drinks took a good while to arrive, they were well worth the wait. Both drinks were refreshing, flavorful, and the perfect complement to the summer weather.

Cava Cocktail Tasting26

We proceeded to indulge in the snacks and treats provided. My personal favorite were the cheese steak bites, which were absolutely delightful. The hummus and tzatziki are always a treat when eating at Cava and should be ordered on your next order.

The evening’s special treat were doughnuts from District Doughnut, which served its heavenly and incredibly popular brown sugar and dulce de leche doughnuts in miniature portions.

Cava Cocktail Tasting30

Before leaving for the evening, we decided that we needed to test out one more cocktail—just to be safe. We both opted for Cava’s take on the Moscow Mule, appropriately named the Angry Mule. The cocktail was made with Stolichnaya vodka, lime, spiced ginger syrup, habanera, and Q Ginger soda. It started sweet and ended with a spicy kick. We both enjoyed the concoction, but agreed that one was plenty.

Sufficiently tipsy, we enjoyed the breeze and the beautiful sunshine, sauntering off to finish our work that evening. If you’re in need of a mid-week pick me up definitely make your way to Cava.

Cava Mezze
527 8th St. S.E.
Washington, D.C.
(202) 543-9090

Amanda Jean, Social Bitch

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