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Recap: Bordeaux Matchmaking

I almost discarded my event invite to Bordeaux Matchmaking last week, mistaking it as a singles mixer. After reading it more carefully, I realized that the event was an opportunity to learn more about wine from the Bordeaux region of France and have our palates matched to our perfect varietals.


For all of the food and beverage events I attend, and drinking as much wine as I do, I know a pitiful amount about viticulture. I always jump at the chance to learn more, especially when that opportunity is at a trendy Meatpacking District location like Beaumarchais.


Prior to attending the event, we each filled out a quick three-page online form about our existing wine preferences when it comes to taste, price, and frequency. This did seem akin to a profile and I really did some soul-searching; “Do I actually admit that my average wine bottle price is less than $10?“Does checking the 3+ glasses of wine per week make me look like a borderline alcoholic?”


Upon arriving to Beaumarchais and navigating around a long line of attractive, young wine-enthusiasts, we received our custom wine styles. Mine was somehow “elegant,” while Andrew’s was “adventurous.” Our differing results led us to separate tasting tables, where we had the opportunity to sample Bordeaux wines that were custom selected for our palates.

The sommeliers enthusiastically led us through the tastings and we learned more about our likes and dislikes. Andrew and I eventually meandered from our customized tastings and discovered our favorite wine of the night – Chateau Larroque. We took a picture of the label because we liked it so much; Yellowtail Pinot Grigio will now be playing second fiddle.


That was my first surprise of the night; Bordeaux also includes white wine, and fantastic white wine at that! The second myth I busted is that all Bordeaux is expensive. I had previously associated Bordeaux with stodgy, high-priced red wine and was pleased to discover that it is available at a variety of price-points.

As the night led on, we were served generous hors-d’oeuvres and entertained ourselves in the photobooth and spinning a wheel for prizes. The lights dimmed and music from the European DJ grew louder as slightly buzzed event-goers swarmed the dance floor.


We left the event with a bag full of goodies and a little extra knowledge about this special region in France. Bordeaux Matchmaking events are occurring across the country, check here for an event near you.

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